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New Family of Service-Oriented Integration Products Reduce IT Cost and Complexity

Dublin, Ireland and Waltham, Mass. - October 20, 2003 - IONA®, (NASDAQ:IONA), a world leader in high performance integration solutions, today announced Artix(tm). rtix is a family of service-oriented integration products that enable enterprises to renovate existing IT assets and consolidate legacy middleware to reduce IT cost, complexity, and vendor dependency while enhancing opportunities for future IT innovation.

"Ten years ago, IONA pioneered a software revolution with Orbix. Since that time, Global 2000 companies and their IT partners have adopted our vision and approach to "Making Software Work Together," said Chris Horn, CEO and founder at IONA. "Artix applies this vision to today's complex and dynamic business environment, making it possible for organisations to transform their technology heterogeneity from a liability to an asset."

"IONA's Artix family introduces significant and revolutionary improvements to the way that companies solve their critical integration challenges," said Ron Schmelzer, senior analyst, ZapThink LLC. "IONA, with Artix, offers a compelling solution to companies looking to integrate existing IT assets and
quickly address significant, immediate integration challenges, while also offering a potent solution for creating lasting value with a service-oriented architecture."

The Artix family includes four initial products:
- Artix Encompass renovates existing applications built on disparate middleware platforms so they may be re-used and extended without impacting enterprise qualities of service.
- Artix Relay allows customers to build and deploy high-performance Web services links between CORBA®, MQSeries®, Tuxedo®, TIBCO(tm), and other middleware platforms to facilitate direct and reliable cross-platform communication.
- Artix Mainframe exposes mainframe CICS and IMS transactions as Web services without requiring mainframe application changes.
- Artix Migrate allows customers to abstract applications from legacy middleware, so that dependent systems can be migrated to more strategic, lower cost alternatives without disrupting ongoing operations.

IONA customers and partners, including BellSouth, Sprint, and Zurich Insurance, have chosen and are recommending Artix to cut costs by simplifying IT infrastructure.

"Companies are looking for a product that offers the capability of implementing next-generation architectures as well as help them accelerate the integration process," said Keith Walter, managing director of the Communications and Mobile Industry practice of BearingPoint, an IONA partner. "Implementing a product like IONA's can jump-start this process without the need to abandon existing investments."

The Technology Inside Artix
Artix is designed for IT organisations that need to unify their heterogeneous, high-performance infrastructure without degrading performance or reliability. Artix makes unique use of the Web Services Definition Language (WSDL) to make this integration possible while deploying a standards-based enterprise service contract model. Artix lets customers define WSDL service contracts for a variety of enterprise infrastructure platforms, including MQSeries, CORBA, CICS, IMS, Tuxedo, and TIBCO, and publish these as reusable Web services. Artix also allows customers to build new Web services in C++ that leverage the qualities of service of their MQSeries, Tuxedo, TIBCO, and CORBA middleware backbones as Web services transports.

Unlike "hub and spoke" designs common to EAI technologies, or dependence on
a single technology that platform vendors demand, Artix's distributed
architecture ensures that applications and systems remain independent and loosely coupled, leaving them able to communicate with multiple systems using a common interface. Artix' distributed scheme improves the scalability of integration projects and eliminates single-points of failure in the system.

"IONA's comprehensive use of WSDL within Artix is unique, and a design that
should be welcomed by companies looking to get value from existing applications or to consolidate their messaging and middleware resources," said Ron Schmelzer, senior analyst, ZapThink LLC. "Artix incorporates the lessons learned from past iterations of distributed-computing integration including CORBA, and accounts for such progressive enterprise requirements as high-performance, protocol support, transaction security, and access to multiple web domains."

Artix Relay and Artix Encompass are shipping NOW. Artix Migrate and Artix
Mainframe will ship later this quarter.