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VhaYu Targets Brokerages and Hedge Funds with Real-time Tick-Data Platform Solutions

Delivers 10-time Reduction in Hardware Costs, 100-time Improvement in Data Capture and Analytics Performance and Lower Market Data Costs

New York, SIA Technology Management Conference Booth 1724, June 17, 2003 – Demonstrating that "vhayu" in the original Sanskrit means "winds of change," VhaYu Technologies Corp. announced today that it is introducing two complete solutions for the financial industry’s brokerages and hedge funds to handle massive volumes of ultra-bandwidth streaming real-time intraday data in ways that no other financial IT company has been able to deliver.

For brokerages, it means gaining centralized real-time and historic tick-by-tick data capture, storage and analytics all in milliseconds for testing trading strategies, 24x7 system-uptime, lower annual operating costs and the ability to better differentiate their brands through delivery of new services to their analysts, portfolio managers, market data groups and customer base.

With over $600 billion under management, hedge funds today that embrace the VhaYu solution will benefit by access to an "electronic eye" discovery engine and black-box trading system that views over 200,000 financial instruments simultaneously in one or more portfolios and triggers buy/sell signals within 50 milliseconds of a trading opportunity.

VhaYu’s patent-pending real-time tick-data platform uses a building block approach to deliver an integrated set of product modules that scale linearly, provide thousands of multiple users across separate lines of business (LOB) or an enterprise with zero latency, zero dropped ticks and store over 20 years of end-of-day (EOD), minute bars and weeks’ worth of tick-by-tick intraday data covering the entire US equity and derivatives market. In addition, VhaYu’s engine implements quickly and easily, often within weeks for a faster return-on-investment (ROI).

VhaYu’s Brokerage Solution has been implemented by one of the world’s largest private financial institutions and pilots are currently in production with two other brokerages. Several Western and Midwestern US hedge funds have also deployed the Hedge Fund Solution.

"Gone are the days when brokers and hedge funds could simply install an isolated software application to solve a business problem," said Gary Manton, VhaYu’s director, sales and marketing. "To be and remain competitive, executive management at financial firms today must embrace newer, intelligently designed and smartly applied solutions, or risk the consequences of being left behind or leaving their customers behind – where the market just was."

VhaYu Technologies will be exhibiting at booth 1724 at the Securities Information Association (SIA) Technology Management Conference in the Hilton New York from June 17 to June 19.

About VhaYu Technologies
VhaYu Technologies Corp. is a leader in real-time tick-data capture, storage and analytics for the financial industry. Using patent-pending technology, VhaYu has developed its linearly scalable platform for brokerages, hedge funds, exchanges, matching engines, proprietary trading groups, research departments, back testing, compliance and risk management. The engine delivers a 10-time reduction in hardware costs, lower market data costs and a 100-time improvement in data capture and analytics performance, the latter through the simultaneous capture of market data changes in the order of 50k/second and millisecond analysis of the data.