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Osaba Introduces Presentation Manager

CALABASAS, CA – June 13, 2003 – Osaba introduced its new Presentation Manager module, the latest in a series of modules available through Osaba’s wealth management platform entitled SOLOMON Integrated Wealth Management System.

Presentation Manager enables wealth managers to develop presentation components from Microsoft Word, Excel, or Crystal Reports. Presentation Manager inserts client-specific information into the presentation components, manages the collation and pagination, and applies a template to control the style attributes including fonts, logos, and color schemes. The end result is a completed presentation ready to be printed or emailed to the client that reflects the image and brand of the organization.

Osaba developed Presentation Manager as a result of feedback gathered from wealth managers indicating that preparing client presentations is a time-consuming, largely manual task. The difficulty stems from the need to assemble and collate pieces of the presentation from various sources and to control which pieces should be included in each presentation. With Presentation Manager, the wealth manager simply selects which of those pieces to include in the presentation and then determines the order in which they are to be presented. Using this approach, wealth management firms have control over the image and branding of the presentations, while wealth managers retain the flexibility they need over the specific content and layout.