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- Virtual trading organisation set to become a reality using BT's award
winning* global MPLS Network and Syntegra's advanced Trader Voice Applications -

NEW YORK, 16 June, 2003 - BT Group is bringing together Syntegra's leading
trading room applications and BT's own Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)
network, one of the largest of its kind in the world, at the SIA Technology
Management Conference at The Hilton, New York from June 17-19 (booth #1506).
It will be the first time that the two technologies, which constitute a
powerful communications offering for the financial markets, have been
demonstrated together.

At the event, BT and Syntegra will be running a live demonstration showing
remote turrets in New York connected via BT's Global MPLS network to a voice
trading platform in London.

Using MPLS in this way, firms can now realise significant improvements to
business continuity options and deploy resilient, distributed solutions
across the globe. For instance, sales staff can be located close to
customers, sharing the trading activity between two sites - ensuring they
are part of the virtual team. Similarly, the technology can be used to
deploy remote turrets for key trading staff at home to address extended
trading hours, or for contingency purposes.

The use of IP-based hoots, line sharing and virtual private wires will also
be demonstrated at SIA, showing how trading organisations can achieve
improved flexibility and cost efficiency. With most investment banks today
operating some 30 or more Hoot n' Holler connections across the enterprise,
accessed by a wide range of users, both on and off the trading floors - MPLS
has the potential to make managing the network and provisioning new network
locations much easier. BT and Syntegra can also enable cost-effective
line-sharing between trading floors over the MPLS network. Private wires to
one location can be extended via IP to other trading locations, enabling the
servicing of customers from multiple sites. This capability can offer
significant benefits within the enterprise replacing permanent, point-to-point private wires and paving the way for flexible community-of-interest networks.

A unique benefit of the BT offering is that it offers the advantage of Syntegra's distributed ITS Myriad over the MPLS network. Syntegra's collaborative trading platform, ITS Myriad, will ensure that all vital information and communication across multiple channels reaches the correct
person wherever they happen to be across the enterprise. This gives
financial organisations considerable opportunity for differentiation of
service and to gain competitive edge.

Speaking about the launch, Steve Eungblut, general manager of BT Global
Financial Markets, said: "The SIA show provides us with a great opportunity
to demonstrate to our investment banking customers how BT is the only global
player who can provide end-to-end delivery of MPLS with trader voice
applications. Our MPLS network is truly global, spanning 70 countries
serving all the financial centres. As a state of the art IPVPN the MPLS
network is optimised for the needs of the international trading community,
providing Class 1 Quality of Service for voice, as well as Service Level
Guarantees. This gives our clients a secure, flexible global

Rod MacDonald, managing director for trading systems at Syntegra, said: "As
part of the BT Group we are the only global organisation capable of
providing all our customers' needs to realise the virtual trading
organisation. The first step, focusing on enterprise benefits, is underway.
Remote functionality offers flexibility, cost efficiency and business
continuity options, while distributed ITS Myriad provides the visibility of
information and multi-channel communication across virtual teams world-wide.
We look forward to achieving substantial developments in community solutions
over the next few years."

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