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Telekurs Financial renews its product strategy

Telekurs Financial is launching a new product strategy to take better account of current market needs. A new generation of display products is turning the patchwork of financial information products that has grown organically over the years into a standardised package, providing a Swiss-made alternative to Reuters and Bloomberg.

Instead of developing a range of different systems on the basis of diverse technologies, Telekurs Financial is bringing a standardised product generation onto the market that will successively replace the existing display products.

Based on Java technology, the new product generation will give users access to Telekurs Financials entire range of information, encompassing real time quotes, corporate actions and news. It combines the speed of a host application and the convenience of a Windows interface with the user-friendliness and low-maintenance environment of a web browser. All information is cross-referenced, with related items displayed next to each other on the same screen.

Telekurs iD – intelligent Display

Telekurs iD stands for intelligent Display. The name was chosen firstly to convey the intelligent way in which the new product generation supports users and secondly to create a link with Telekurs' old INVESTDATA System, a standardized product which met the needs of two generations of financial market specialists.

The first version of Telekurs iD was developed in a record 15 months with considerable inputs of staff resources. All five working groups of data specialists were involved in collating the wide range of information in accordance with the needs of the various bank departments. Thanks to the use of the latest iterative development methods (Rational Unified Process – RUP), customers themselves were able to influence the product and supply feedback at each project phase.

"It was worth the effort", says Fritz Hediger, head of Marketing & Sales and initiator of the new Display generation at today's product launch. "We were able to identify a trend and adapt the product to our customers' needs virtually in one go".

The first version of Telekurs iD consists of a Basic Package containing all the main functions plus a Search & Link Package geared to back-office requirements, and a Streaming Package that updates prices automatically on the screen. Additional packages with special functions for other bank departments are planned.