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Newest Router Offers High-Availability, Multi-Protocol Connectivity and Advanced Device Management for SCSI Tape Libraries.

LOUISVILLE, Colo. - Oct. 29, 2002 - StorageTek (Storage Technology Corp., NYSE:STK), the storage services and solutions expert, today announced the immediate availability of the StorageNet® 3400 (SN3400) Multi-Protocol Router designed to bring SCSI tape libraries such as the L180/700E/5500 into Storage Area Network (SAN) environments.

"Our customers want manageable, high performance solutions for data protection and business continuance," said Pierre Cousin, StorageTek vice president & general manager, Storage Networking Business Unit. "With the SN3400, customers gain tremendous manageability and insight into how tape-based storage can be allocated and efficiently utilized."

Featuring enterprise class high-availability, the SN3400 includes redundant, hot-swappable power supplies and fans. Field replaceable I/O modules provide connectivity into 1 or 2 Gb/s Fibre Channel (FC), SCSI LVD or HVD, and are upgradeable for future support of emerging technologies such as iSCSI and InfiniBand. Powered with technology from Crossroads Systems, the market leader in storage routing, the SN3400 instills intelligence into the SAN so that tape libraries can be optimized for policy-based data management, such as needed for backup and restore or in disaster recovery solutions.

"StorageTek and Crossroads have developed a really remarkable solution for investment protection," said Gary Francis, StorageTek corporate vice president and general manager, Automated Tape Solutions. "Our customers can now integrate their existing networking technologies with newer technologies as they become available."

Access Controls provide enhanced security and prevent server conflicts so that multiple servers can share the data. Advanced LUN zoning capabilities allow the entire library (or even specific tape drives) to be hidden from selected hosts while remaining visible to others. Individual storage devices can now be managed as an integrated system rather then as a collection of stand-alone devices.

Server-free backup is supported to minimize the use of server resources required for backup by allowing data movement tasks, such as between tape and disk, to be offloaded from the server to the router. With transfer rates over 300 MB/s, the SN3400 performs multiple concurrent server-free backup operations with ease, streaming data to as many as eight high performance tape drives simultaneously such as, SDLT, LTO, and T9840.

Other benefits of the SN3400 include failover capabilities, support of vendor unique commands, remote management access, and support for mixed environments of SE, HVD, and LVD devices. Up to twelve auto-negotiating Ultra 160 SCSI buses and up to six network ports allow for robust, cost-effective configuration of storage networks.

"Crossroads is proud to continue to partner with StorageTek," said Rob Sims, Chief Operating Officer, Crossroads Systems. "The new SN3400 empowers IT professionals with the right solution for the data protection strategies of both today and tomorrow."


The StorageTek SN3400 routers are available through StorageTek's direct sales force and through a network of StorageTek value-added distributors, value-added resellers and partners.

For more information please contact Ken Saunders at +44 (0) 20 7413 3193