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Integrity Treasury Solutions signs SES Global

Chicago, IL – Integrity Treasury Solutions today announced the signing of SES Global, the newly formed parent company of SES Americom, based in the US, and SES Astra, based in Luxembourg. SES Global is forming a global treasury in Luxembourg to manage European and US cash, and have selected to support the operation. SES Global is the world's leader in global satellite communications. Their satellites provide first-class, worldwide broadband communications: audio-visual broadcasting, feeds for cable networks, Internet trunking and IP multicast, corporate networks, network facilities and telecommunications services.

SES Global selected because of its advanced technology including the use of Web access for Foreign Exchange, Money Market, Cash Forecasting and enquiry screens for their subsidiaries. They will be using the following modules: Foreign Exchange, Money Market, Debt, Derivatives/Hedging, Intercompany, In-house banking for bank pooling and sweeping, Cash Management and Liquidity Forecasting, Data Transfer Services, Scheduler and Multi-lateral Netting for intercompany exposure capture, hedging and netting.