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ValueLink to offer prospects DataContent data advisory services

ValueLink Information Services, the supplier of validated financial data, is pleased to announce their collaboration with DataContent, the London-based market data consultancy.

DataContent's independent advice on market data will be offered to ValueLink prospects. DataContent advises on data sources, costs, the negotiation of data contracts and implementation of market data projects. The aim of the collaboration is to ensure that when a ValueLink prospect is uncertain of their market data options an independent advisory service is made available to them.

Stephen Choate, CEO at ValueLink, says " ValueLink provides solutions which can significantly improve data quality, save clients time and reduce the resource they commit to data management. DataContent's independence and expertise in market data will be of benefit to our prospects to help them review and audit their current data sources. We are confident that when advised of the range of options available many institutions will find ValueLink's to be the cost effective solution".

Rafah Hanna, Managing Director of DataContent, says "Valuelink's recognition of the strength and value of our services demonstrates a forward thinking client-driven strategy and gives the client, through DataContent's expertise, the strength of choice in selecting the best solutions for their market data operations."

ValueLink provide fully validated data services in securities pricing, dividends, corporate actions, valuations and standing data. Collection from multiple sources and rigorous validation procedures, dedicated client service and application of detailed client rules enable clients to rely on ValueLink for their market data solution and make real savings in software and staff.

DataContent's expertise is in the field of market data strategy including the negotiation of data contracts, costs and strategy for financial institutions, vendors and exchanges. They focus not on selling data or software, but in helping their customers succeed in optimally managing their market data operations, thereby meeting their business objectives.