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FAME Data Management Suite Further Enhanced Through Strategic Partnership With FinancialCAD

Performing analysis on time series financial and energy markets data is getting easier with Fincad Analytics available as a seamless component of the FAME Data Manager.

NEW YORK (October 22, 2002) - FAME Information Services, Inc., the leading provider of data management and decision-support solutions for trading and risk management, today announced a partnership with FinancialCAD, providers of financial instrument management software products and services. This partnership gives FAME customers access to Fincad Analytics through the FAME ata Management Suite.

FAME launched the FDM Suite, an application framework for the creation and management of a centralized market database, in September 2002. Utilized by the financial industry as an efficient management system for data acquisition, data modeling, validation, correction, and financial calculations, the FDM Suite is a pre-packaged, affordable solution that provides a single source of reliable data for complete market data management. Fincad Developer FDM, an optional component of the FDM Suite, provides the entire Fincad Analytics library of more than seven hundred industry-standard financial models, ensuring that the FDM Suite can support modeling requirements in every asset class. Fincad Developer FDM is available exclusively from FAME as part of the FDM Suite.

"The FAME Data Manager has always provided clients with validated and filtered data," said Saad Rashid, the product manager responsible for FDM, with FAME Information Services in London. "The addition of Fincad Analytics to the FDM Suite enhances the solution, enabling clients to calculate complex derived data through its analytical capabilities. We see this partnership as a strategic step into the arena of market data management."

The utilization of Fincad with FDM creates an optimal software solution that supports virtually any financial instrument-related problem likely to be encountered in a bank, corporate treasury, asset management desk or brokerage dealing room. It provides customers with the business process infrastructure needed to support an increasingly complex trading environment.

"FinancialCAD customers have come to rely on the comprehensive coverage provided by the Fincad library," said Dale Richards, CEO of FAME. "Our solution builds on what they have come to expect. The combination of our time series functions with Fincad Analytics ensures that the FDM Suite can provide the most sophisticated analysis on high volume and high frequency data in a robust production environment."