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Introduction of StorageTek's Intelligent BladeStore Architecture solves business dilemma to make high volume critical information available online.

LOUISVILLE, Colo., 21 October, 2002 – StorageTek (Storage Technology Corp., NYSE:STK), the storage services and solutions expert, today launched a groundbreaking disk subsystem aimed at making online data storage a more cost effective option for businesses with high volumes of essential information. Based on StorageTek's Intelligent BladeStore Architecture, the BladeStore disk subsystem makes it possible for companies to cost-effectively protect business critical information as well as provide fast access to fixed content information.

"For many years, the decision to store data online has by necessity been based on economics or limited choices rather than data characteristics and the need to access that information rapidly. Today, having the right information available online can make the difference between business success and failure. This means it is vital for companies to ensure their data is both protected and available, 24 x 7. The introduction of the BladeStore disk subsystem means that businesses can now choose the right disk system for the task and make their IT budgets go further," commented StorageTek Chairman, President, and CEO Pat Martin.

StorageTek's innovative Intelligent BladeStore Architecture delivers the ability to store large quantities of data in a small footprint at a greatly reduced cost. It combines low-cost ATA disk drives for data storage and the performance and reliability of an enterprise class fibre-channel disk system. This makes the BladeStore disk subsystem ideal for storing high volume fixed content data – such as video, email, documents or medical images – online. It also offers excellent benefits for anyone needing to rapidly backup and restore high-availability information, putting it at the heart of data protection and business continuity planning. ATA disk-based storage systems have begun to emerge from the data storage industry in recent times. However, StorageTek's BladeStore disk subsystem takes this a step further to deliver storage density advantages and performance, flexibility and manageability benefits to customers with enterprise open systems environments.

"StorageTek's BladeStore disk subsystem doesn't just change the economics of where data can be stored," said Paul Carr, StorageTek Product Marketing Director, Disk Business, Europe, Africa and Middle East. "There are also huge benefits to customers' disaster recovery and business continuity plans. All data is not created equally – some needs to be accessed more quickly and frequently than other data - so it is important for companies to prioritise retrieval of their information assets. The best solution is often a combination of online, nearline and offline storage tailored to fit the individual needs of the customer. Storing critical information using the BladeStore disk subsystem means that high volumes of data can be backed up quickly and reliably, and recovered rapidly, at a very advantageous cost."

The new technology forms part of StorageTek's range of tailored data protection solutions, designed to ensure that companies always have timely access to their information assets.


StorageTek's BladeStore disk subsystem will be available in November 2002.

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