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New Software, Services, and Training Package Enables Customers To Tap Existing CORBA Solutions with Web Services for Improved Collaboration, New Business Initiatives and Greater Operational Efficiency

Waltham, MA - October 15, 2002 - IONA*, the leading e-Business Platform Provider for Web Services Integration (NASDAQ: IONA), today announced CORBA*
Connect, a software, services, and training package that delivers CORBA users a roadmap for success with Web services.

CORBA Connect is a cost-effective, rapid implementation program that combines IONA's Orbix E2A* Web Services Integration Platform - XMLBus Edition, the services of an IONA-certified technical architect, and dedicated customer services support. Taking advantage of CORBA Connect, IONA customers can count on IONA engineers and consultants supporting them through every step of their strategic integration initiatives, helping them to fully utilize data and business logic of CORBA applications with Web services to create new efficiencies that streamline enterprise systems and business operations.

"The new CORBA Connect program from IONA offers organizations an exciting
and a viable integration roadmap for new and old CORBA applications," said
Richard Soley, Chairman and CEO of the Object Management Group (OMG). "IONA
earned its position as an outstanding market visionary in CORBA integration
technology in its early and vigorous leadership of the standards process and
its major successes in solving the complex CORBA to COM interoperability
problem in the early 1990's. Those early successes proved IONA understood
how to make disparate software systems work together, and more importantly,
what their customers needed to be successful. With CORBA Connect, IONA has
again created a solution that can solve the interoperability challenge being
faced by today's enterprise."

"More than 4,500 customers rely on IONA CORBA solutions to integrate mission-critical applications," said Bob Potter, vice president of business operations at IONA. "CORBA Connect protects these organizations' investments in CORBA by flattening the Web services learning curve. CORBA Connect enables them to quickly augment and extend their CORBA systems with Web services for cost-savings, improved flexibility and increased competitiveness."

CORBA Connect is based on IONA's Web Services Integration Platform - XMLBus
Edition 5.4, which was announced by IONA on September 16, 2002 and is now
generally available. XMLBus 5.4 delivers enhanced features that enable the
bridging of CORBA systems to Web services, such as an "Operation Flow Designer" that addresses the problems inherent in mapping complex CORBA systems into more abstract, business-focused Web services. XMLBus 5.4 supports a variety of existing CORBA development platforms including Orbix, ORBacus and Borland's VisiBroker.

CORBA Connect is available immediately. Please contact IONA at 1-800-672-4948 in the United States, +353-1-637-2000 in Europe,for more information on tailoring CORBA Connect to your project or organizations integration initiatives.

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