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Rosenblatt Securities Provides Direct NYSE Connectivity with TransactTools' Platform Solution

ttCONNECT and ttALERT Help Create a Flexible, Client-Centric Solution.

New York, NY – October 8, 2002 – TransactTools, the first to provide a complete platform for messaging connectivity, today announced that Rosenblatt Securities is using its platform technology to provide direct, electronic connectivity to the NYSE.

Rosenblatt currently uses ttCONNECT to provide direct, electronic connectivity to the NYSE for immediate execution. Future plans center on using ttCONNECT to route multiple types of orders to various destinations, both internally and to destinations like ECNs, and connecting via new protocols such as CMS. On top of providing pure connectivity, ttCONNECT's inherent flexibility gives Rosenblatt the power to check critical NYSE compliance rules for each order.

"We were in a situation where we needed to implement advanced FIX connectivity infrastructure for order routing between disparate FIX implementations, but there were limited order flow monitoring tools available," said Eric Berg, CTO, Rosenblatt Securities Inc. "ttCONNECT provided us with a highly adaptable FIX engine architected for maximum flexibility and modularity with minimal impact on development and production resources. At the same time, we were able to use ttALERT's tight integration with ttCONNECT to build just the right tools we needed to monitor customer order flow, and modify that order flow when necessary."

ttALERT gives Rosenblatt's traders a real-time view into customer transactions. The technology provides a platform on which they can build customized tools that allow them to monitor and interact with the order flow in the event that something needs to be done on a customer's behalf.

"These scenarios provide a great example of what true trade connectivity is, and it's about much more than having basic FIX capabilities. True connectivity requires flexible FIX functionality and having that window into your infrastructure so you can monitor order flow and make real-time changes and adjustments to trades if necessary," said Sam Johnson, Founder and CEO of TransactTools Inc.