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Eze Castle Software Announces New Partnership with Quantitative Services Group

Boston, MA (October 4, 2002) – Eze Castle Software (ECS) and Quantitative Services Group (QSG) announced a new partnership to provide Eze Castle Software clients an integrated trade cost analysis component. Traders Console, ECS's flagship OMS product, will now provide a fully integrated pre- and post-trade analytic tool. Through the new partnership TC clients will be able to use QSG products to estimate the potential costs of trades before execution. On a post-trade basis, clients will be able to compare actual execution costs against various benchmarks and analyze trades on a tick-by-tick basis to see how their trade impact and timing decisions have affected the performance of the fund.

ECS will integrate with QSG's T-Cost Pro and T-Cost Lite, both built on a web-based platform. T-Cost Pro will use every execution report captured by the Traders Console OMS to provide a granular analysis of each execution relative to a chosen measurement benchmark. T-Cost Lite will use average price information to provide only an aggregate view for those clients who are not able to provide time-stamped executions.

"This is a strategic partnership for us," says ECS president David Quinlan. "Clients are coming under increased regulatory pressure to provide objective analysis of how they execute trades."

The delivery technology will be either a real-time Internet link back to QSG hosted servers or the client will be able to locate servers on their premises and run the analytic databases locally.

"Our unique measurement techniques offer insights into a firm's trading tendencies that went unnoticed prior to these innovations," says John Wightkin, QSG's Managing Partner. "Firms can now directly measure their trading decisions and accurately access their efforts in achieving best execution."

ECS and QSG have been testing the product offering at one client and will be targeting a general release for November 1, 2002.