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Volaris Advisors Announces Release Of Version 2.0 of Its Nova® Volatility-Management Software

Expanded Functionality Enables Financial Advisors.

To Model & Analyze Listed-Option Strategies for Clients.

NEW YORK, October 3. Volaris Advisors, the leading provider of volatility-management services and software solutions to financial institutions and select investors, announced the release of Nova® 2.0, a substantially expanded version of its volatility-management software with modules designed specifically for use by financial advisors.

"Nova's latest version now provides financial advisors additional listed-options strategies they can recommend to their clients," said Victor Viner, president and chief executive officer of Volaris Advisors. "Nova gives advisors a new way to help their clients by providing protective and yield-enhancement strategies that were once available only to a select few investors."

"Financial advisors are under tremendous pressure to generate higher profit margins," added Viner. "In an environment that gets more challenging every day, Nova offers a proven, turnkey solution that delivers real competitive advantage."

Nova's new Directional & Volatility Strategies module offers a selection of 11 additional listed option strategies. These option strategies allow financial advisors to model directional and volatility strategies to both take advantage of current price trends and volatility levels or improve risk/return profile of a long stock position. These strategies can be tailored to each client's individual sentiments by applying Nova's wide range of decision criteria, including return metrics, risk/reward ratios, price and payoff comparisons, and simulated P&L over multiple time horizons.

"In this release, we leveraged our ability to present complex concepts in understandable terms. The new module generates tearsheets that are clear and actionable for unsophisticated and experienced investors alike," said Viner, noting that the new version of the software was developed in close consultation with financial advisors.

Nova's proprietary software incorporates the Volaris methodology and provides sophisticated analytics, options advice and high-quality output. The combination of tearsheets, the user help screens and the help desk provide a comprehensive educational component for financial advisors and their clients.

"The original modules of Nova meets the needs of financial advisors who use OTC equity derivatives to manage concentrated wealth positions, and we have also made significant functionality improvements to that module in this release," said Viner. "By adding listed-option strategies to the solution, we are now bringing the benefits of Volaris' methodologies to a far broader market and range of clients."