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SGP International Launches e2do

Free on-line personal organizer is a preview of enterprise version under development.

October 1, 2002 – New York City. SGP International, Inc., a leading developer of custom designed data management solutions, announced today the launch of e2do, a free on-line personal organizer that allows individuals to maintain schedules, tasks and contact lists. e2do allows users to create, communicate and collaborate with one another – sharing task lists, homework assignments, grocery lists, chore lists, project activities and a multitude of other information that often gets misplaced or miscommunicated using traditional resources.

"e2do is a convenient, secure and easy to use tool designed to help busy people keep up with their lives and those of their friends, family and colleagues," said Evan Brodie, President of SGP International. "We created e2do to be a fun on-line repository for personal organization - easily accessible from any web browser, and easily shared with anyone the user chooses, without concern for software or platform compatibility."

e2do allows users to not only create calendars, task lists and contact lists, but also organize these lists in categories of the user's choosing. e2do is a valuable resource for families, students and professionals, alike. Families can share appointments, grocery lists and chore assignments with one another. Students can create course lists, and prioritize and track homework assignments. Professionals can collaborate on projects, assign and prioritize tasks to team members, and share this information with colleagues.

The current version of e2do offers a preview of the enterprise version, E2doPro scheduled for release in late October. The enterprise version, deployed over a corporate intranet, is designed to help organize small and large groups of people within an organization. Whether amongst department members or throughout the entire corporate structure, this scalable solution allows users to manage and track projects, tasks and people across the organization. The typical E2doPro user would be geographically or departmentally dispersed but also team members that require close collaboration and information sharing on projects or scheduling. E2doPro will significantly expand the e2do features to meet the needs of the enterprise environment.

"We are very excited about the launch of e2do and its ability to provide support for individual users. We applied our in-house consulting expertise to create this easy-to-use tool," stated Evan Brodie. "e2do not only allows us to expand our customer base but it is an invaluable resource as a preliminary test of the more sophisticated and comprehensive version we are designing for corporate use, E2doPro."