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Infragistics Releases NetAdvantage Suite 2.0

Infragistics, the world's largest publisher of reusable presentation layer components for Microsoft .NET, COM and Java platforms, today announced the release of version 2.0 of its NetAdvantage Suite, the market-leading suite of presentation layer components, featuring best-of-breed components for Microsoft development environments: Visual Studio .NET, and the .NET Framework (ASP.NET) and Visual Studio 6.0. Version 2.0 includes the introduction of two highly anticipated components, UltraWinToolbars and UltraWinEditors, as well as version 2.0 of UltraWinGrid.

The release of version 2.0, clearly demonstrates Infragistics keeping its promise of leading the third-party market in delivery of components for the .NET Framework," says Infragistics CEO Dean Guida. "After changing our licensing policy in June and adding source code as part of the NetAdvantage subscription program, the release of version 2.0 continues to add both quality and quantity to the suite that develops have clearly selected as the market leader.

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