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Ubitrade Announces Enhancements to Support Credit Derivatives Trading

Ubitrade, a leading supplier of advanced systems solutions for trading, risk management and back office on capital markets to over 120 clients in 20 countries, today announces enhancements to its Ubitrade Capital Markets trading system to support credit derivatives.

Ubitrade Capital Markets is a fully integrated, global trading and risk management solution for fixed income, forex and equity markets. Credit derivatives are OTC traded instruments, used to hedge credit risk exposure. In response to the increasing volume of credit derivatives trading business, Ubitrade has enhanced its global trading and risk management system to support credit derivatives trading. The instrument coverage includes the most popular credit derivatives instruments: credit default swaps, total return swaps, credit linked notes and credit spread options. Ubitrade Capital Markets offers following functionalities: pricing, position keeping, mark to market, event management. As far as risk management is concerned, credit derivatives can be used as mitigation factor in the standard credit risk and limit modules of Ubitrade Capital Markets.

Didier Bouillard, Chief Executive Officer, Ubitrade, commented: "We are determined to provide our customers with a product that fully meets their needs and this means adapting our software to their requirements. The credit derivatives market emerged in the mid-nineties. This market has since continued to develop, encouraged by the deterioration of private companies default rates and the willingness to hedge credit risk. Financial institutions are currently showing a strong interest in systems allowing them to trade these instruments. Ubitrade Capital Markets has been enhanced to offer a comprehensive management tool for credit derivatives, through an integrated environment, which is a great asset in terms of risk management, as it enables a real-time cross-market overview of the risks. Ubitrade Capital Markets offers a very large off-the-shelf product coverage and integrates state-of-the-art calculation models".