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OAKS, PA, September 30, 2002 – SEI Investments (NASDAQ: SEIC), the global provider of asset management and straight-through investment processing solutions, announced an agreement with UNX, Inc., to provide enhanced trade execution capabilities under SEI's MarketLinkTM Brokerage Services Platform.

SEI's investment processing clients utilize the fully integrated MarketLink Brokerage Services platform to execute equities trading on a straight-through basis. MarketLink allows users to pre-qualify equity orders and have those orders released, executed and electronically posted to the system of record for settlement and accounting.

As a result of the UNX agreement, MarketLink's straight through execution capability takes integrated trading to a new level. The new MarketLink smart-routing engine, engineered by UNX, sweeps a trade through major liquidity pools, including electronic communications networks (ECNs), as well as traditional stock exchange channels, almost instantaneously, in search of improved pricing on buy and sell orders.

"This is a significant win for our MarketLink clients", said Mark Held, President, SEI Investments Distribution Co. "We are expanding our integrated trading solution to enable SEI clients to enhance trading performance and productivity for their own clients. The sophisticated trade order routing intelligence built into this solution gives SEI clients an important competitive advantage in improved price execution."

"We are very pleased to be working with SEI in providing world class trade execution services to its clients," said Randy Abernethy, CEO of UNX. "Trading activity at off-trading floor venues such as ECNs, alternative trading systems and crossing systems has grown tremendously, and these liquidity pools offer improved pricing opportunities when leveraged along with traditional equity exchange channels in the institutional trading space."

"SEI's straight-through business vision for its investment processing platform tightly integrates the trading desktop with the markets, back office system and central settlement facility,” according to Kevin Barr, Senior Vice President, SEI Investments. "Incorporating UNX technology is one of several important, planned additions to the Electronic Trading Services component of our investment processing platform to better enable banks, investment advisors, investment managers and other financial services providers to achieve that much sought-after combination of improved execution and full automation."

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