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Asset Control Rolls Out AC Data Suite

· New Interoperability of AC In-house and ACDEX Outsourced Solutions
· New Off-The-Shelf Data Models, Feed Interfaces and Vendor Mappings
· Expanded Data Coverage Aligned to ISO 15022 Standard

SIBOS, Geneva, September 30, 2002 – Asset Control, a leading provider of investment data integration solutions to the financial industry, today announced the availability of the AC Data Suite which centers on ACDEX, its outsourced investment data management service and data exchange. The suite allows in-house installations of Asset Control to be complemented by robust "Golden Copy" service from ACDEX, enabling the unique capability of combining mission-critical, in-house, proprietary data management with outsourced, commoditized investment data management by ACDEX.

AC Data Suite is aligned with the ISO 15022 Data Dictionary and includes exciting new features that build on Asset Control's proven investment data management cost and time-to-market advantage, including easy-to-use GUIs and connectivity that enables industry-level data exchange between AC Data Suite users.

Asset Control is demonstrating the AC Data Suite at its booth #D172 at Sibos 2002 in Geneva, Switzerland.

"Hallmarks of Asset Control have always been system reliability and data quality. Today, we add a third: total enterprise control," said Ger Rosenkamp, CEO of Asset Control. "In today's business environment, cutting both costs and risk is essential, and so is establishing data consistency for every business division, software application, data analyst and global office. With AC Data Suite, we provide no-nonsense, quick-start data solutions that offer rapid return on investment and essential support for key industry initiatives such as STP, new industry data standards and Basel II."

Key advances in the AC Data Suite include the following:
· New plug-and-play features of the AC Plus in-house solution, including its comprehensive data model aligned with the ISO 15022 data dictionary, off-the-shelf vendor interfaces and pre-built data cleansing algorithms.
· Full interoperability between AC Plus and the ACDEX outsourced solution, enabling use of low-cost ACDEX services for multi-vendor data management, and leveraging the ACDEX "golden copy" data set for in-house integration of proprietary data and advanced data handling.
· Broadest data coverage in the industry for single-platform management of reference data, real-time and historical prices, corporate actions and ratings.
· Tools to simplify connectivity, access and management across the enterprise, as well as information sharing among business partners.

"A key driver in technology planning today is the need to clean up and streamline the patchwork technology infrastructures that resulted from the build-it-quick approach of the boom years," says Larry Tabb, vice president of the securities and investment practice of the TowerGroup. "The data infrastructure is particularly crucial, because data underpins every financial process. Today we see increasing awareness that rationalizing the data infrastructure is a virtual prerequisite to any serious advance in business processes."

AC Data Suite
The modular solutions and tools in AC Data Suite enable financial institutions to match their data architectures to their business structures by choosing among in-house and outsourced solutions that are built on identical platforms, as well as connectivity options to address any distribution, exchange or access scenario.

The AC Data Suite includes the following solutions:
· AC Plus – the latest version of the industry-leading AC Server for data aggregation, cleansing and storage, plus quick-start features such as the comprehensive data model aligned with the ISO 15022 data dictionary, pre-built mapping tables and cleansing rules, off-the-shelf interfaces to major data vendors, as well as AC Data Analyzer for extensibility of mapping and cleansing rules, AC Desktop for system management and model extension, and AC Web Client for anytime/anywhere data access.

· ACDEX – the outsourced version of AC Plus technology offering cost-effective consolidation of multiple vendor data feeds into "golden copy" data sets, single-link access to the universe of publicly available investment data, AC Web Client data viewing and research, and state-of-the-art distribution tools.

· AC Connectivity – the connectivity solutions that extend standardized data to the enterprise and beyond: AC Net for powerful replication of data and data management information among AC Plus servers and ACDEX, and AC Connect for automated data access through APIs, application and middleware gateways, and notifications.

"The ISO 15022 data dictionary is now the standard for SWIFT messaging, as well as a key element in the industry-wide effort to standardize the communication of investment data," said Simon Cleary, head of securities markets and business solutions, SWIFT. "We understand the challenges faced by financial institutions in aligning data from vendors and their own incumbent systems with this standard. In that light, we applaud the material support given by Asset Control in aligning the core data model of its data management solutions with the ISO 15022 standards."