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MAS Surveys Program

MAS Finance has found that with increased focus on best use of resources and expenditures, vendors of financial information technology have reexamined their advertising expenditures, spending on sponsored industry analyst reports, and the limited results in terms of new prospects.

We believe advertising has become an especially difficult primary approach to sales support and lead generation.

1. Most magazines and newsletters are not focused on specific sectors and specific contacts. Therefore, you have to assess the diffused impact from publications across multiple markets and multiple departments.
2. There are many IT sectors and subsectors which are very focused and with databases of contactable staff related to their procurement.

MAS proposes a survey approach for the same amount of funds as advertising but with lasting results and reusable sales and marketing deliverables.

MAS Surveys Program is as follows:

1. MAS designs the survey in coordination with members of your sales staff.
2. The survey has two purposes: Profile procurement motivations within the specific sector and identify procurement trends within that sector.
3. MAS develops a database of contacts for a specific geography with you so that this is reusable in a sales contact database.
4. MAS executes the survey of a specified number of institutions and survey completions.
5. From completion of the survey, MAS analyzes the data:
a. In order to identify prospects.
b. Analyze findings for publishing.
6. Publish survey finding as a report for editorial coverage that can be used in collateral, client communication, and distributed via company's web site This program will help to identify buying trends in order to assist you with your sales planning as well as provide sales leads for your staff.

For more information please contact:
Maureen Nolan