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Eze Castle Releases New Compliance Product, Watchtower 1.0

Boston, MA (September 19, 2002) – Eze Castle Software (ECS), the industry leader for investment management solutions announces the release of their new enterprise compliance application, Watchtower 1.0. Watchtower is a revolutionary compliance application that provides a real-time solution for portfolio compliance. Watchtower seamlessly interfaces with Traders Console and other non-ECS software applications to perform post-trade compliance on trade data.

"Watchtower 1.0 is part of the componentized strategy of Eze Castle Software, it is flexible and scalable in nature. It is designed to integrate with Traders Console or any other third party OMS or application," says David Quinlan, President of Eze Castle Software. Watchtower monitors trading at various levels and provides complete historical reporting and analysis. "With the increases of client and regulatory rules and restrictions, Watchtower is the key defense component against costly mistakes."

Watchtower is unique because of its powerful rule building abilities. Watchtower combines the power of SQL and VB Scripting providing flexibility to create rules "on-the-fly" using the rule wizard tool or by importing a custom SQL script. "The rule wizard can create the most simple or complex logic rules. The combination of SQL and Visual Basic enables clients to construct, import, or adjust any compliance rule at any time," says Rob Agne, Product Manager of Watchtower.

Several Eze Castle Software clients tested a beta version of Watchtower. Quinlan notes that these clients contributed in steering the direction, look, feel, and functionality of the product. Beta testing participant Sherri Brown, CFO of Cyllenius Partners, notes, "The beta version of Watchtower demonstrated amazing speed and flexibility for rule building that we need. It provides extra assurance to confirm that our portfolios are compliant. We are looking forward to the future release that will incorporate more functionality to automate additional areas of compliance at our firm."

The next release of Watchtower scheduled for early 2003 will introduce personal trading compliance and real-time message based pre-trade compliance. Watchtower 1.0 is available now for post-trade compliance.