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Deutsche Bank project packaged to give seamless end-to-end transaction processing.

Trace Datawise Financial Limited (Trace Datawise), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Trace Group plc, has announced WebTM, a new web browser-based data entry and message generation tool. This is part of Trace Datawise's Messaging Process Framework (MPF) architecture which provides seamless, end-to-end transaction processing and low-cost connectivity to any network. To be officially
launched at Sibos (Geneva, September 30 – October 4) this is one of the first software packages which integrates trade entry capabilities into a customisable investment management web platform. Pricing will be under a two tier system for small and larger users. Larger customers may wish to choose the monthly rental option.

Originally developed for Deutsche Bank, which is rolling the system out to its users as dbPortfolio Instruction Entry, WebTM eliminates the risk involved in fax and telex communication for fund managers and retail stockbrokers by automating the process of capturing clients' transactions. Organisations with a scattered, geographically remote client base need no longer be at a disadvantage, as encrypted web data transmission ensures secure, accurate and timely transaction processing.

WebTM uses thin client web browser technology with input screens, which are simple to use. Once transactions are completed and accepted, a message is generated in a proprietary or industry-standard format such as SWIFT ISO
15022. This is passed into the hosting institution's back-end systems, or on to another institution for further processing. A configurable file import facility means that transactions can be prepared off-line in any format and downloaded to the host institution, in an attended or unattended mode. Facilities are also available to draw off reports in user-specific formats
for viewing and possible further manipulation on the end clients' terminal.

Says Trace Datawise Managing Director Jo Sethi: "Transfer Agents and Fund Distributors could reap significant benefits by automating their data capture
operations, without having to impose fat-client workstation solutions on their customers. Larger companies using WebTM could save money by replacing their
existing point-to-point connections. If the host institution’s IT strategy includes sponsoring a SWIFTNet Closed User Group for its clients, WebTM is the perfect application to place at the centre in order to make this
strategy a reality."

Peter Jacaruso, Global Head of Product Development in Deutsche Banks' Global Securities Services unit, adds: "To date, few organizations in our industry have the ability to offer an online trade entry application that is successfully integrated into a robust, customizable investment management web platform. We have delivered an end-to-end, extremely flexible trade entry solution that improves STP and increases client satisfaction. WebTM
should help others in the same way."