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Aspelle Introduces Aspelle Everywhere for Medium and Large Businesses Across the Globe

"When we developed Aspelle Everywhere, we took a hard look at the needs of our target customers and the limitations of products already on the market," commented Simon Johnson, Vice President of Technology and Co-founder of Aspelle. "We quickly realized that many businesses were still struggling to
find a solution that could provide secure, comprehensive access to all corporate applications and data, without further complicating their existing
infrastructure. As our customers can surely attest, Aspelle Everywhere’s ability to address all of these problems sets it apart from other products."

Aspelle Everywhere is the first product on the market capable of providing secure access to all corporate resources, without any of the limitations found in VPN, thin client, remote access or other existing technologies.
Requiring only a Web browser and an Internet connection, the Aspelle Everywhere software platform securely enables access to a full range of applications and data including Web, Unix, Windows and legacy systems.
Streamlining the management and delivery of applications and data to users, Aspelle Everywhere increases an organization’s overall operational efficiency and productivity, while decreasing management, support and maintenance overhead.

"With the rise of the Internet, enterprises now have the opportunity to leverage anywhere, anytime access to critical information and systems, resulting in a positive impact to their bottom line. However, for enterprises that have highly disparate and mobile workforces, the ability to actually access complex application infrastructure, which is oftentimes based on both new and legacy systems, is difficult to achieve," added Jeff Phillips, Director at TeleChoice, a highly regarded telecommunications analyst firm. "Aspelle Everywhere’s focus on secure, easy-to-manage access to applications, regardless of underlying technology or user location, provides enterprises with a very compelling value proposition."

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