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New PowerCentre2 Range Offers Ultimate Customisable Protection For Mission Critical Applications

Latest UPS Range Features Individually Engineered Modules For Superior Protection Of Critical Industrial Processes

Advance Galatrek, the UK's leading power solutions provider for mission critical applications in the commercial, military and marine markets, has
launched its latest range of PowerCentre2 three phase in - three phase out
Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS). The new model range offers robust,
enterprise-wide power protection for LANs, servers, data and Internet
centres, industrial, medical and emergency applications and comms

The PowerCentre2 range offers the ultimate protection for any application
where continuous sinewave power is an absolute must. Models available range
from 200kVA to 800kVA, while runtimes from several minutes to many hours can
be achieved by using a local standby generator, or one of Advance Galatrek's
range of battery extension packs. Up to eight PowerCentre2 units can be
installed in parallel, as a redundant N+1 configuration.

PowerCentre2 incorporates innovative double conversion on-line (VFI)
technology with a transformer isolated inverter output. The inverter
delivers a constant, stable and clean sinewave power source, derived either
from the converted mains supply, battery pack or optional Advance Galatrek
CleanSource® DC flywheel. This cost-effective alternative to a traditional
battery stack uses a mechanical flywheel to pack 500kW into an area no
larger than a single square metre, typically one tenth the footprint of a
conventional battery cabinet.

When connected to a PowerCentre2 UPS, CleanSource® provides a DC supply in
the event of a mains failure, bridging the power break and reducing the
'whip' effect often associated with local generator start up, as well as
decreasing the initial load on an existing battery set. CleanSource® is
highly efficient and, with less than 45 minutes maintenance time per annum,
can save a fortune in replacement battery costs over its 20 year design

The outstanding circuitry design within PowerCentre2 gives superior
protection when confronted by surges, sags and brownouts in the mains
supply. In addition, an exceptional ride through capability also means that
PowerCentre2 models can handle short duration power failures without relying
on batteries. All PowerCentre2 models feature a three phase output from a
three phase 400Vac input, with an input voltage range of +/- 15%. EMI input
and output filters help to protect the load from upstream electrical
pollution, and even provide protection from spikes and electrical noise
while the unit is in static bypass mode.

Microprocessor control gives better reliability and stability, as well as
providing a wide range of communication options. An easy to use front
mounted keypad and LCD panel provide full information about the status of
the unit, while Advance Galatrek's optional PowerShield2 UPS management
software allows easy integration with existing communications networks,
including SNMP.