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The Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa (NECSA) Invests ZAR 1 million in the Lexign Suite

Software to enable the creation of a paper-free business environment

Lexign, the leading provider of integrated software solutions for customers that require a trusted environment for e-business, announced today that the Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa (NECSA) has invested ZAR 1 million (US$92,000) in Lexign software.

Lexign offers a complete solution for trusted electronic transaction management, including workflow, electronic forms, digital signature software and content management. Lexign's technology allows organisations to streamline their business transactions and workflow patterns in a secure, efficient manner, by moving traditionally paper-intensive processes to the Web. NESCAs investment in Lexign technology is the first phase in the governmental organisations plan to leverage software solutions to automate, standardise and provide user-friendly processes and products for its internal and external customers.

NECSAs investment includes the Lexign Suite and Lexign Keyfile. The combined
solution will be deployed to automate all system, technical and financial processes, with the end-goal of creating a paper-free environment, with improved productivity and better control over business processes.

The Lexign Suite is the first comprehensive, trusted transaction management solution that enables enterprises to create, authorise, process and archive high-value documents and transactions using the Web, in a secure, cost-effective way. Lexign Keyfile is a comprehensive content management software application that offers document tracking, document management, and version control.

NECSA has a need for Lexign software to redesign many of the present financial,
business, human resource and quality management processes in order to promote
effectiveness and efficiency, said Dr. Karel Fouche, General Manager, PNI at NECSA. Lexigns overall integration of workflow and content management technology with the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system will be used to enhance the streamlining, standardisation and electronic recording of process results. We expect that Lexigns software will aid in the electronic automation and continual improvement of processes providing us with a competitive edge.

After extensive evaluation, Lexign distinguished its solutions from other offerings on the local market as the only software provider to offer a complete solution for trusted electronic transaction management, including content management, workflow, electronic forms and digital signature software. In addition to giving NECSA the ability to purchase and liaise with a single company, this investment ensures integration of future product releases. NECSA opted to invest in Lexign software because of its robust and flexible workflow capabilities.

The Lexign Suite includes Lexign Flow, Lexign WebForms, Lexign ProSigner and
Lexign WebSigner. Lexign Keyfile is a comprehensive content manager that is fully integrated into the Lexign Suite. By deploying Lexigns technology, NECSA expects to be able to automate and simplify processes while allowing much more control and efficient document management. A valuable additional dimension to the system is its inclusion of a feedback loop, indicating the process status to the organisations internal and external clients.

Press Contact: Sarah Daliday, Rivercalm. Tel: 020 7665 1636