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Mosaic signs Honda and Pulse for ATM Driving

London, UK and Florida, USA, 1st July 2002 – Mosaic Software, the global transaction processing software provider, today announced their two latest US clients. Both Honda Federal Credit Union, a financial services cooperative with more than $275 million in assets, and Pulse, one of the largest EFT networks in the US, have selected Mosaic Software to provide ATM Driving.

Honda Federal Credit Union will install Mosaic Software’s advanced EFT Postilion solution to handle all aspects of ATM transaction processing and management. In addition to assuring the maximum availability of ATM services for their members, Postilion also provides Honda with a highly reliable, scalable and open architecture that permits easy implementation of new products to be delivered through the ATMs. Honda’s Postilion system will interface to their Symitar host system for on-us transaction processing and will route foreign transactions directly to the CO-OP Network, the nation’s largest network of credit union ATMs and retail point-of-sale terminals. Honda will operate Postilion on a Stratus ftServer 3200 series system.

Pulse, one of the largest EFT networks in the US, has signed a deal in which Mosaic Software becomes the preferred in-house software vendor recommended to its 3000+ members. Pulse is the only network in the US that does not drive ATMs and for this reason they want their customers to drive their own ATMs and connect to the Pulse network. Mosaic Software was the natural choice since it has a long track record of ATM driving and is an industry leader in solutions for the driving of web-enabled ATMs.

Honda Federal Credit Union and Pulse are the latest of many companies that are selecting Mosaic Software as their preferred vendor for ATM driving. Last month, saw both Bank Leumi in Israel and Arrowhead Credit Union the USA signing up for solutions from Mosaic Software.