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OM signs extended agreement with Nord Pool

OM and Nord Pool have signed a new, extended agreement regarding support and operation of OM’s trading system PowerCLICK™ for trading on Nord Pool, the world’s first international commodity exchange for electric power. Nord Pool is a customer to OM since 1995, when PowerCLICK™ was originally installed. The new agreement contains support, operation and upgrading of all hardware and further development of operational security. New functionality supporting Internet based trading on Nord Pools financial market is also included. The order value amounts to more than SEK 100 million.

-The PowerCLICK™ from OM has proved itself as a userfriendly and reliable system that Nord Pool will continue to build upon. Further development of our electronic trading system for the financial market is an important prerequisite for the coming expansion of the electricity exchange, said Torger Lien, CEO and President at Nord Pool.

-Ever since the start, Nord Pool has been a successful electricity exchange. We are very happy to see Nord Pool’s continued faith in OM, which also strengthens our position as a global provider of technology for energy markets, said Magnus Böcker, COO at OM.

Nord Pool -- The Nordic Power Exchange -- is the world's first international commodity Exchange for electrical power. Nord Pool organize trade in standardised physical and financial contracts including clearing services to Nordic participants, and provides customer-support in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and other European countries. Being the Nordic Power Exchange, Nord Pool plays a keyrole as part of the infrastructure of the Nordic electricity power market and thereby provide an efficient, publicly known price on electricity, both in the spot and the future/forward market.