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Advance Galatrek Launches Rack-Mounted UPS For Professional Data and Voice Processing Networks

New MasterElite® Rackmount Solution Solves Space And Performance Dilemma

Advance Galatrek, the UK's leading power quality management solutions provider, has just unveiled a new 19" rackmount version of its powerful and flexible MasterElite® MultiTec® uninterruptible power system (UPS). The new configuration is designed to deliver power protection up to 20kVA, and is ideal for use in medium-sized professional data and voice processing environments, where space is at a premium, but a stable sinewave output remains essential.

The new MasterElite® MultiTec® rackmount series boasts a capacity range of between 10kVA and 20kVA, and is intended to occupy the smallest possible rack space. Every MasterElite® MultiTec® model uses dynamic input and output filters to protect the load from upstream electrical pollution. These state of the art filters even continue to provide spike and electrical noise protection when the unit is in static bypass mode.

The robust circuitry built into every MasterElite® MultiTec® provides powerful protection against surges, sags and brownouts in the mains power supply. Every model can generate a stable sinewave output over a very wide input voltage range, without the need to resort to battery power. This allows MasterElite® to deliver high quality mains power even down to 140 volts AC. Every model boasts an exceptional ride through capability that allows MasterElite® units to handle mains power failures of up to 40ms, without switching to battery power.

The brand new MultiTec® technology enables every MasterElite® UPS to alter its operation mode to match the sensitivity of the connected load, and to adjust to the characteristics of the mains power supply. Either from the main control panel situated on the front of the unit, or even remotely, the user can instruct the UPS to operate either on-line or economy modes. MasterElite's on-line mode adopts the traditional double-conversion principle, where the inverter continuously powers the load, for a stable, break-free supply.

In economy mode, the MultiTec® circuitry mimics the characteristics of a line interactive UPS, with the load being powered through dynamic filters. This allows the inverter to remain active, but not powering the load, until a sudden fluctuation or failure occurs in the mains. The result is an overall efficiency that exceeds 98%, with a consequent reduction in overall wear and tear on the UPS assemblies - ideal for installations where the mains is relatively stable, or the load less critical.

As well as being virtually silent in operation, the MasterElite® MultiTec® rackmount series incorporates front-end Power Factor Correction (PFC) circuitry, to achieve a true sinewave output. Full microprocessor control
provides each unit with the utmost in reliability and stability, and makes
the UPS one of the most communicative in the marketplace. For remote communications, there is an RS232 port, allowing easy integration into
existing communications networks, using the PowerShield management software
supplied with the UPS.

All MasterElite® MultiTec® models are designed for easy and safe maintenance
access. 19" rackmount PowerSwitch maintenance bypasses and dual redundant
switches are also available to match each model. This makes the MasterElite®
range ideal for voice and data processing installations where a rack-mounted
solution is the only effective way to solve space problems, but where
absolute performance cannot be compromised.