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Sage resellers have welcomed the launch of the new version of Sage Line 100 business software, believing that its use of new technology, which makes it faster and easier to use, has the potential to create substantial revenues.
Sage Line 100 resellers got a sneak preview of the new software at Softworld and special Sage Line 100 reseller roadshows in March.

Speaking about the launch, Duncan Wyeth, managing director of Sage reseller Serion said, "We decided to demonstrate the pre-release copy to one of our
prospects. It really is quite easy to get to grips with when you know the existing product and I was impressed at how well the product demonstrates.
Some of the new features, like the home page, make a big difference even if they are really only cosmetic but that is after all what the clients now want. And we won the order!"

As well as a host of new and improved features, Sage Line 100 also has a more familiar Sage 'look and feel', making it easier for businesses currently using Sage Line 50 accounting software to upgrade, further increasing revenue potential for the channel

Duncan continues, "The new look and feel of Version 8 will make a big difference, especially when demonstrating Line 100 to existing Line 50 users. Line 50 users are more at ease with the new interface, and also have the benefit of knowing the report generator. Initial feedback is very positive and we intend to make the most of the new version."
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This release represents the first stage in an ongoing development programme
for Sage Line 100, introducing a brand new Line 100 Financial Suite which links seamlessly with the existing Sage Line 100 Commercials module.

Sage Line 100 offers growing businesses a completely customisable business software solution. It consists of nine fully integrated financial and commercial modules which, when combined, build the most powerful and flexible business solution system on the market. Using Sage's extensive network of developers, Sage Line 100 can also be tailored to meet individual business or industry needs - for example, manufacturing, retail or service industries.

Sage Line 100 is a sophisticated accounting business suite with advanced features including:

-multi-currency providing you with the ability to trade with customers and suppliers outside the UK
-budgeting by cost centre and departments
-multi-company capability
-integrates with Sage's Internet solutions, allowing online trading and customer account enquiries
-full graphical analysis

A new Help system and revised User Guides make Sage Line 100 even easier to
use. Making full use of Windows technology, the software has been specifically designed around clarity, simplicity and intuitiveness.
Navigation is easier thanks to the introduction of new menu and toolbar controls.