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Cutting-edge Technologies in the Realm of Adaptive Systems Conference in Boston

Donaueschingen, 9 April 2002 - living systems AG, a leading provider of Adaptive
Execution Software, today announced that CTO and co-founder, Christian
Dannegger, will be speaking at MIT's 2002 eBusiness Annual Conference "Making
eBusiness Pay Off" in Boston on 19 April. The invitation from renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a further endorsement of living systems' internationally recognized capabilities in the field of adaptive systems to master logistics processes in production and supply chain

The annual conference, open to a broad set of executives as well as faculty and
students from MIT, will see Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, and
Ann Livermore, President of Hewlett-Packard Services Worldwide as keynote
speakers this year. living systems AG has the honor of being the only European
software company to be making a presentation at this academic- and
industry-revered event. Dannegger, who plays a key role in the company's
technological directions and who leads the product development team in the
innovation of world-class agent-based technologies, has made significant inroads
with the development of multi-agent systems that can adapt to their environment.
The unique capabilities of adaptive systems enable a manufacturing or trading
company to accomplish optimal production and supply chain logistics in concert
with its suppliers, often in volatile market conditions. The application of
adaptive agents and multi-agent systems in real-world business networks has
drawn great interest from MIT.

Adaptive Agents in Action
Dannegger's lecture on "Adaptive Execution in Business Networks" will exemplify
how value creation potential can be effectively increased through smart
coordination between producers and their supplier networks. Based on the
company's award winning and proven agent technology, these adaptive agents act
as electronic assistants of a human decision maker and help determine the most
economically-viable alternative as well as support the execution.

Adaptive agents and systems are gaining currency as evidenced by reports from
such analysts as Forrester, Gartner and IDC. Dannegger too notes growing
interest from the industry: "In the past, conferences on software agents have
traditionally been technology-burdened, whereas today, they focus on their
application in the business world. This meets our "down-to-earth innovation"
approach because living systems' research and development has always been
application-oriented and focused on direct benefits for the industry."

Enthused about the upcoming conference, Dannegger adds: "One dares to believe
that especially Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, will make
another ground-breaking success with the definition of the "Semantic Web". I am
anxious to hear his lecture as well as Ann Livermore's contribution on IT
innovations of the future."