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Purple Voice provides IP voice routing back-up solution to trading

Purple Voice is currently deploying four-wire tie lines within trading houses to provide "shout down" circuits and connections to open conference lines using Voice over IP. As trading institutions begin to question the financial security of current telecom providers, they are increasingly looking for alternative back-up solutions that can either exist in hot standby, or be rolled out swiftly.

Purple Voice's, Private Wire Emulation (PWE) software interfaces with traditional voice hardware solutions to route voice over the existing data network. If used to replace private wires it is estimated that companies can save up to 80% by eliminating line charges, set-up fees, and associated hardware costs.

Voice packets are only generated when someone speaks; typically less than 5% of the time on a tie line. As an IP solution, this allows dormant bandwidth to be available for other applications, fundamentally resulting in a more efficient network.

"With the inherent flexibility and scalability of IP, PWE is an ideal back-up solution to the existing communication infrastructure", comments Purple Voice CEO, Neil Gray. "The trading houses in New York are driving forward and questioning traditional communication methods. I am encouraged and confident that PWE is becoming the preferred voice routing back-up solution for the financial community."