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ABS Consulting joins Veridian in presenting “First Responders Integrated Support System (FRISS) Test Bed” at National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Conference

(Bethesda, MD –) FRISS, an enterprise-wide information system designed for event/incident emergency management, will be a sponsored technology test bed at the 4th NIJ Public Safety Conference being held May 6 - 8 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. FRISS, a product of Veridian, strengthens the capacity of local government’s emergency management agencies and their ability to effectively plan, train for, respond to, manage, and evaluate complex threats, natural disasters, and other critical incident situations.
FRISS provides greater capabilities for emergency managers and first responders in response to a broad spectrum of public safety incidents with special capabilities directed at chemical, radiological, and biological accidents or acts of terrorism. FRISS significantly improves the triage structure required to activate the appropriate public safety response and recovery plans by integrating into a common platform technologies that enhance the ability to automatically identify, receive, analyze, track and communicate information from a variety of sources.

Better-informed decision-makers will be able to make timely decisions by automatically acquiring, correlating, and integrating the enormous amount of information needed to adequately plan, train, evaluate, and manage crises. A primary module of FRISS is MIDAS-AT, developed by ABS Consulting. MIDAS-AT utilizes time?dependent dispersion models along with multiple data inputs, such as meteorological information and sensor readings, to estimate impact over long distances and extended time periods. Users can determine the potential impact of actual hazardous material releases on street-level maps, create what-if scenarios to evaluate emergency plans, and train response teams using actual site conditions. The software product is designed to quickly produce "real time" estimates of plume location and intensity for immediate use by emergency response organizations. MIDAS-AT displays the release effects of industrial chemicals, chemical and biological agents, and radiological isotopes at five-minute intervals as an incident unfolds.

Veridian is one of the world's most experienced providers of trusted enterprise networks, knowledge discovery solutions, and engineering consulting services for mission critical systems. A private company with annual revenues of $700 million, Veridian operates in over 50 locations in the US and overseas and employs nearly 5,000 high technology professionals.
ABSG Consulting Inc., marketing under ABS Consulting, provides rational engineering-based solutions that blend state-of-the-art technology with practical loss-control measures and innovative risk-transfer options. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, ABS Consulting is an affiliate of ABS, one of the world’s largest providers of classification services to the international marine and offshore industries.