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E2E infotech launches its Price Distribution Component

E2E infotech has launched its new component for enabling price distribution from Orc(tm) Trading system, offering a high performance, feature rich component for capturing and distributing the quotes and prices from Orc trading system.

Termed as RPDS (RapidCORE Price Distribution Server), the component listens in real time for the price ticks from ORC trading system in front office and then distributes the prices to the down stream application. With its "plug and play" feature, the system is capable of interfacing with virtually any down stream application. Typical usage of the system include

- Price distribution to info providers, web sites and sales teams in remote locations.
- Price contribution to markets where Orc Market Link is not used.
- Links to Trader's excel spreadsheets for real time prices on the instruments.
- Audit applications to store price contribution history.

The components makes use of JAVA/XML technology and for Windows 2000/NT (tm) platform it makes use of MSMQ for managing price ticks. The component is easy to install and maintain and can be configured to work for single instrument or a group of instruments and securities.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Vaibhav Shukla, Head of Business Development, noted that this components fills a long outstanding need in the Front and Middle office to be able to receive real time price feed from Orc and will enable the customers of Orc Trading System to better integrate their diverse business applications with the POWER OF ORC TRADING SYSTEM.

E2E infotech has specialist knowledge in the area of Derivatives, Risk Management, Rate Reasonability and cash management and is one of the few companies providing integration solutions around Orc trading system.

Orc Software is a leading international supplier of integrated trading and risk management solutions with clients in 18 countries. Orc Software's most important clients are investment banks, brokerage houses, institutional investors, Internet brokers and private investors. A large majority of the worlds leading investment banks are existing clients and in the Nordic region, approximately 80 percent of the stock exchange members are using the Orc System.