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Trace Datawise launches answer to SWIFT ISO 15022 migration for under $13,500

The Trace Datawise division within the Trace Group plc announced today the general availability of its new Message Processing Framework (MPF). The product has been recommended to SWIFT for accreditation to the latest SWIFTReady GOLD 2002 standard. Accreditation is anticipated during Spring 2002. The first product implementation of this technology will be "EASY ISO 15022" for customers facing the ISO standards migration issues this autumn.

At a recent sales conference Managing Director Joginder Sethi said " With the introduction of "Easy ISO 15022" the industry has, at last, a conversion and mapping tool that bridges the deadline SWIFT users face this autumn, at a cost that delivers real benefits right across the whole SWIFT community." He went on to explain how Trace is now set to take the market high ground with an entry price set at just €15,000 for the base installation.
Trace Datawise have found that clients are purchasing "Easy" ISO15022 today as an insurance policy for the future. They are worried that conversion projects may be delayed or that the institution is missing out on an early adoption opportunity to talk more effectively to customers who have already converted. "Easy" ISO 15022 bridges not just the autumn deadline but brings ISO 15022 facilities NOW to the back-office systems. With "Easy" ISO 15022 installed our clients can rest assured that they now have the capability to communicate effectively with their business partners.
"Easy" ISO 15022 is the first affordable EIA (enterprise integration application) solution that will support the client with a STP (straight through processing) tool to minimise human intervention and the expense of hurried alterations to existing back-office systems. Our product is now the natural first choice in financial institutions achieving those goals.
Christopher Morgan, Sales Director explained the pricing for the first implementation of the new MPF technology; ‘Easy’ ISO 15022, will deliver a performance/cost of ownership that is unrivalled in the marketplace today"
Trace Datawise have based the MPF on a technology platform that includes document object models. The SWIFT DOM, (S-DOM), is able to breakdown a Swift message to its smallest or "Atomic" component, enabling accurate and fast mapping of the message to other formats or standards. Trace Datawise have been using the forerunner of this technology in its successful SWIFTWise XML conversion tool for a number of years.
"Easy" ISO 15022 base configuration includes 10 message types and optional additions, to perform all the mapping for conversion of all Settlement and Reconciliation messages to and from ISO 7775 and ISO 15022. It can be configured with additional connectors and components, one file connector and the validator comes as standard:
-SWIFT ADK interface to SWIFT Alliance
-MQ Series interface, plus a standard file interface
-Bespoke mapping tool
-Repair tool
-Cluster Licence - to further enhance multi-threading and increase performance
-Routers - to direct messages to output destinations according to client rules

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