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Bank of America licenses OpVar ® software solution from OpVantage

GREENWICH, CT. February 8, 2002 – OpVantage LLC is pleased to announce that Bank of America has purchased a license for OpVar ® , the industry’s leading operational risk measurement software. OpVar ® has an installed customer base of over 20 clients, and is compliant with the New Capital Accord requirements issued by the BIS.OpVar ® enables financial institutions to apply advanced measurement approaches to operational risk using tools and techniques that were formerly only available to market and credit risk. The operational risk capital derived using OpVar ® can be used in banks’ capital and EVA calculations.OpVar ® is the industry’s first and leading operational risk management software,that allows users to understand operational risk, analyze loss probabilities, scale these losses to their firm and determine operational risk profiles, including operational Capital-at-Risk. The OpVar ® database contains over 7,000 publicly reported operational risk losses, greater than $1 million. The software displays graphical analyses of the causes, effects, probabilities and severities of operational risk, specific descriptions of events and measures to help senior management and risk managers understand and quantify the sources of operational risk. Other disclosed clients of OpVar ® include: Banco Sabadell, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, ING, Sanwa, Société Générale, and Swiss Re.

Contacts: Dan Mudge,Scott Grayson
Tel: 203-618-1200