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OM strengthens technology offering with new Central Securities Depository and Settlement System

OM continues to lead financial market technology development worldwide with the unveiling of EXIGO CSD – a state-of-the-art fully automated, standardized systems solution for central securities depository (CSD) and settlement.

Facilitating both domestic and cross border settlement and other CSD financial services EXIGO CSD provides top performance and scaleability in a real-time environment. Key benefits include substantially greater operational efficiency, lower labor costs, reduced error rates and higher transaction volumes. EXIGO CSD provides an architecture that can be configured to mirror any CSD operating structure, regardless of complexity, allowing easy addition of new functionality and instruments. EXIGO CSD also enables easy link-ups with other CSD organizations and settlement systems worldwide.

"The CSD market shows great potential for OM as a technology provider," said Magnus Böcker, Chief Operating Officer at OM. "We estimate that over the next five years CSDs worldwide will move from in-house technology development to total outsourcing. EXIGO CSD, based on OM’s expertise and proven track record in developing standardized systems for the financial markets, provides them with a first-rate solution."

EXIGO CSD is being marketed to CSDs worldwide, with the SFE Corporation Limited (SFE) as its inaugural customer. SFE, upon implementation of EXIGO CSD, will have one common infrastructure for the clearing and settlement of all SFE-listed derivatives and debt securities in the Australian market. The solution significantly enhances SFE’s ability to offer new products and services and, at the same time, broadens SFE’s scope for trading and clearing alliances with counterparts in the Asia Pacific region.

"With the enormous financial burden associated with upgrading exchange and clearing technology, we expect further consolidation of systems, both within organizations and between them," continued Mr. Böcker. "EXIGO CSD is a major step in strengthening OM’s technological position and I am confident it will enable us to take a greater role in facilitating consolidation in the financial markets worldwide."