Back to all announcements Inc. Launches Insurance Industry's First True Internet-Based 'Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere' Agency Management System

January 22, 2002 10:06:00 AM ET
ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 22, 2002-- Innovative product guarantees targeted to revolutionize the insurance marketplace

-- Prices guaranteed for five years
-- Black-box conversion process to deliver 100% data conversion
-- Virtual office that works 24 hours a day, even when the agent is not working Inc. EBIX today announced the industry-wide availability of, the insurance industry's first true e-commerce based system that provides "anytime, anywhere, anyplace" functionality to the one million commissioned agents in the United States. ebixASP is the first Internet-based agency management system that is also WAP-enabled (Wireless Application Protocol), providing access to information via cell phones, handhelds and other wireless devices.

The company also announced a series of innovative guarantees targeted to revolutionize the way agency systems are bought and sold in the United States. These guarantees offer a fixed price for five years and a black box conversion process that delivers 100% data conversion to the agencies buying ebixASP.
Designed as an ASP-based system, this new tool provides the agency with the
choice of hosting the system itself or having host the entire suite
of software and services required to run an agency. ebixASP changes the way
insurance agencies conduct business and fulfills the Internet's promise of
reducing agency overhead while increasing their service and sales efficiency. By using this fully Web-based management system, agencies no longer need to purchase and install hardware and software each time they want to update their IT capabilities, eliminating worries about purchasing technology that will quickly become obsolete. This new management system puts the agency's entire internal operations on the Internet and interfaces all of its departments and processes with the business-to-business tools required to communicate with carriers and channel partners on all lines of products and services throughout a policy's entire life-cycle.

"The insurance industry can now conduct business confident it is armed with
the most powerful e-commerce system tailored specifically for their business
needs," said Robin Raina, president and CEO of Inc. "ebixASP
ensures that the agency is never closed at any time of the day or night, and
it provides agencies with a single point-of-entry for all the functionalities traditionally dispersed throughout different resources in an agency management system. From managing file exchanges with partners to processing consumers' requests for quotes, agencies will now be able to concentrate on their core business while manages their information technology needs and provides tremendous efficiency in the process."

As a WAP-enabled system, ebixASP can also be accessed using WAP-enabled mobile phones and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants), truly providing "anytime, anyplace, anywhere" access to information. These wireless capabilities provide insurance agents with valuable remote functionality, ranging from cellular notification of business appointments and review of summary business reports on their handheld, to the ability to respond immediately to new business opportunities.