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Sage is hosting a series of seminars in March, with consultant Gordon Gilchrist from the 2020 Consulting Group, to demonstrate to accountants how they can use the latest technology to improve their profits and free up their time. The practice efficiency seminars will focus on the need for accountancy practices to re-evaluate the way in which they operate in order to compete and survive in the long-term, and how Sage can help to increase the efficiency of their practices, maximise their profits and offer invaluable advice on:

- Understanding what clients will pay for.
- How to give clients what they want and make money from it.
- Understanding how to reward and involve staff.
- Maximising the use of IT.
- Generating new fees from clients.
- Cross selling techniques that work.
- How to increase chargeable hours by 25%.

Jerry Luckett, general manager of Sage's Accountants Division, said: "These seminars illustrate our commitment to providing active support for accountants. They are also an ideal opportunity for accountants to meet with Gordon Gilchrist, who is a well-recognised and accomplished speaker at conferences and seminars throughout the UK. He also provides consulting services to 500 individual firms in the area of management, marketing and strategic planning.

"By working closely with our nationwide network of Accountant Centres and people like Gordon, who are dedicated to the specific requirements of accountants in practice, we are able to demonstrate the strength of the Sage
product range and how technology can be used to maximise value, improve
client loyalty and enhance staff value."

Seminars are being held at the following venues:

Date and Time : 14th March,10am
Venue and Location: Meon Valley Hotel and Country Club,Southampton
Sage A/C Centre Host:Enhanced Computer Solutions

Date and Time: 15th March, 2pm
Venue and Location:Crowne Plaza, Manchester
Sage A/C Centre Host: Datel

Date and Time: 20th March,2pm
Venue and Location: Solutions,Apollo Hotel,Birmingham
Sage A/C Centre Host: Professional Computer

Seminars will last for approximately three hours. At the end of the presentation, attendees will be able to ask questions and receive advice
from experienced consultants. Attendees will also qualify for a free Sage24
practice website for a limited period.