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Staying on top of IT with TOPS

At a time when many IT companies are struggling to stay in business, IT vendor Transputec is launching the most innovative and intelligent IT management tool to date. The online management tool is set to revolutionise the way large organisations manage their IT needs, and surprisingly, it’s also FREE.

The rapid downturn of the business IT market, accelerated by the events of September 11, has taken its toll on the industry over the past few months, with many small IT suppliers having to close their doors. For businesses in every sector, efficiency and cost effectiveness are keys to success in tougher economic climates.

The people at Transputec believe that the only way through the slump is up -
and to keep on going, full throttle. That’s why they have launched a new software tool to help customers manage their IT and get the most out of their existing systems.

The tool, called TOPS (Transputec Online Partner System), is a customisable online database tool which is more powerful and has more features than any other tool on the market. TOPS allows customers to keep track of their IT equipment across multiple locations, as well as perform a number of useful
tasks online, including ordering new products, accessing detailed logs of maintenance and repairs, initiating helpdesk calls, call-outs and site visits, and even obtain copies of lost invoices. There is also a comprehensive searchable database of around 160,000 products – so whatever it is you are looking for the chances are, if it is anything to do with IT,then it is there.

TOPS is being offered free of charge to all corporate customers. Transputec
consultants and technicians will help customers load their existing
procurement data onto the system, and keep it updated for them. As customers
place orders via the system they are automatically tracked and available for
management reporting. Logs on maintenance or helpdesk activities are put
onto TOPS by Transputec as they occur.

Catrina Clulow, Transputec’s marketing manager, says that the company developed the software to meet clients’ needs. "We spent time with our clients to understand their business needs from their point of view," she says. "It became clear to us that the biggest issue most corporates face with IT is actually keeping tabs on what’s happening with their equipment during the sales, delivery and servicing phases. Access to intermediate information and critical data is vital for businesses to be successful, maintaining a competitive edge."

Ms Clulow says that TOPS received very positive feedback during beta testing. "We supplied TOPS to five major multi-site companies, each with
hundreds of IT users. Each company came back with glowing reports. They
told us that TOPS is a breath of fresh air – it’s intuitive to use and saves
them lots of time and stress, enabling them to get on with running their

She says that Transputec is excited about launching TOPS to all its corporate customers. “It’s a new way of thinking and a first for the industry. And because this is free to customers, we’re literally giving away money, which to many seems strange, especially now. But to us, it actually feels really good!"

Transputec is a major vendor of IT equipment, serving businesses in England
and Wales. Since 1984 the company has built working relationships with all
major hardware and software suppliers, including Compaq and Microsoft. The
company also sells solutions based around, Citrix, StorageWorks, Staffware,
Teamware, and Pegasus.

Catrina Clulow
Tel: 020 8584 1400