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BITA Plus Consultants' New Release BITA Curve Puts Risk Management at Heart of Investment Process

Next generation product BITA Curve provides superior usability for investment management companies seeking advanced risk reporting and control.

BITA Curve's enhanced reporting and graphing facilities aid portfolio analysis and strategy formulation and provide simpler, clearer communication with clients.

18th February 2002 - London - BITA Plus Consultants (BPC), the global provider of risk management and portfolio optimisation software, has today announced the release of BITA Curve, a modular risk management product for fund managers that uses an open architecture to facilitate simple implementation.

Traditionally risk management products have been the preserve of "quant" fund managers and risk teams. But the growing awareness of portfolio risk issues amongst institutional and private client investment managers has begun to change this. To meet this need, BITA Curve harnesses powerful risk reporting, portfolio optimisation and backtesting modules within a very user-friendly framework.

BITA Curve is a comprehensive system providing the investment and securities trading industry with Java-based, highly portable software that can be deployed in a number of ways and easily integrated with other systems.

Central to BITA Curve's philosophy is the realisation that having simple access to underlying data, transparent and understandable risk models and providing sophisticated reporting are the key elements to meeting fund managers' evolving requirements. BITA Curve enables users to analyse and report on portfolios' risk and return profiles, both absolute and relative to any benchmark that they choose to use (or choose to create). Furthermore, viewing risk measures and attribution figures (by style, region, sector or currency factors) has been made as simple as possible.

BITA Curve also includes the powerful BITA Plus optimiser, which lets fund managers produce optimised portfolios based on constraints such as liquidity and cost of trading and create efficient risk/return/cost frontiers. The optimiser in BITA Curve has a well-earned reputation for speed, accuracy and versatility earned over many years as a core element of BPC solutions.

The backtesting module within BITA Curve gives fund mangers the ability to perform rigorous historical testing to refine their investment processes. BITA Curve enables ease of use and the intuitive tools provided ensure that users can iteratively produce and analyse backtesting results as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

Simon Tizard, Commercial Director of BITA Plus Consultants comments: "Every aspect of BITA Curve has been designed to make it user friendly while remaining extremely potent. BITA Curve offers a next generation Java-based software solution, which can be easily integrated with either enterprise or Internet-based systems. This new offering will further enhance the reputation of BPC as a forward-looking company providing its clients with the latest in portfolio analysis, risk reporting and optimisation tools".

BPC is holding two open days to showcase its new BITA Curve product on
the 12th and 21st March 2002 at its offices in London. The days will
consist of one-hour sessions in which delegates will be given the
opportunity to view a software demonstration and to discuss the
product's capabilities with the Software Development Team.