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MiAMI, FL., January 2002 – IDOM's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Stephen
Codignotto, and IDOM's President and Chief Financial Officer, Vincent Raniere,
today announced that Ilia Rodriguez-Diaz has joined IDOM as the Director of Compliance.

She will oversee the company's newly formed Compliance Support Division, which
provides financial institutions with turnkey solutions to ensure that they can
conduct business in a manner that meets their regulatory compliance requirements.

"Ilia's extensive experience in regulatory compliance requirements, both locally
and abroad, will benefit IDOM as the company grows its customer base and launches this new service division into the marketplace," said Stephen Codignotto."We foresee this division and its services, coupled with Ilia's expertise, as a valuable resource to financial institutions who wish to grow as efficient and effective as possible. This becomes especially important now as they aggressively strive to comply with the recently passed USA Patriot Act and the International Money Laundering Abatement and Anti-Terrorist Financing Act of 2001."

Prior to serving as Senior Vice President of Compliance at Hemisphere National
Bank, Rodriguez-Diaz was the Compliance Department Manager for Barclays Bank,
Plc in their Miami-based agency and regional office for Latin America. Formerly at Bank of America, she held various key positions in Information Technology,Audit, Operations and Accounting. She has also held various Board Member positions,and is an active member of several compliance associations.

According to Rodriguez-Diaz, "Joining IDOM is both exciting and challenging
as it gives me the opportunity to provide the financial services community a
variety of specialized resources, in conjunction with the latest technological
solutions necessary to meet today's challenges. The company's customer base
continues to expand at a rapid rate, with a significantly increased focus on
meeting compliance challenges and teaming up with other solution providers to
expand their services. Recent regulatory changes call for additional efforts
to meet the requirements of the [USA Patriot Act] within appropriate timeframes.

It's never been more important for the financial services community to have
a heightened awareness to ensure that their compliance requirements are being
satisfied in this ever evolving and demanding business. My responsibility is
to provide financial institutions the proper resources and technology that will
enable them to continue to do business as smoothly and efficiently as possible.
A well-managed and comprehensive compliance program, which maintains abreast
of critical regulatory changes, is essential in today's environment."

The Compliance Support Division Rodriguez-Diaz supports, provides a wide array
of compliance services for foreign and international financial institutions such
as: Compliance Monitoring; Training & Reporting; Advisory & Technical Support
on Compliance Related Issues; Development of Comprehensive Compliance Monitoring
Programs; Creation of Formal Compliance Policies & Procedures; Specialized Training; and Technical & Administrative Support on Meeting Compliance Requirements (i.e.the USA Patriot Act, Bank Secrecy Act, Know Your Customer/Enhanced Due Diligence, as well as, all associated Banking and Anti-Money Laundering Laws & Regulations). Additionally, Rodriguez-Diaz is responsible for performance evaluations on compliance software products and tools pinpointing solutions to meet specific compliance requirements of financial institutions, reducing risk and increasing organizational efficiencies.

Vincent Raniere stated, "As we continue to grow our presence in the Miami, Caribbean and Latin American communities, we want to be able to offer banks a complete suite of solutions to assist them in meeting their responsibilities, minimizing their workload. Our new compliance services compliment our software products nicely, making our overall solutions more robust. I am confident that Ilia with her wealth of experience will serve as an asset to financial institutions in these regions and that they will derive a great benefit as a result our services."