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Matrix NetSystems Lifts the Internet's Veil To Optimize Connectivity Outside the Firewall and In the Network

Technology Showcases At COMNET Expo in Washington, DC January 29-31

Austin, Texas -- January 22, 2002 --- Matrix NetSystems, Inc., with a decade's experience in mapping, analyzing, and reporting on the Internet, lifts the Internet's veil with its Matrix Insight product line for Internet optimization and performance measurement of IP network infrastructure. Matrix Insight will be showcased at COMNET Expo,Washington, DC convention center January 28-31, booth 260.
"Once data goes outside the firewall and into the network, enterprises and even carriers lack control over the pathways taken across the Internet’s constellation of routes, - until now," said Bill Palumbo, President and CEO of Matrix NetSystems. "With Matrix Insight on the job, we can remove bottlenecks, shorten routes, and improve data flow to optimally shorten response-time and improve reliability," he added.

With Matrix Insight, customers gain accurate performance information that enables better selection and management of Internet infrastructure and service providers; this results in lower costs, as well as higher customer retention and revenues.
"For the first time enterprises can obtain an accurate picture of the quality of IP service between them and their high-value customers," said Jasmine Noel, director of the systems and applications management practice at Hurwitz Group.
"Matrix NetSystems gives enterprises visibility into the previously opaque Internet cloud, enabling them to make informed infrastructure planning decisions and to monitor their Internet connectivity to customers, as they would with a private WAN. This is welcome news for enterprise IT managers who face sleepless nights trying to improve response time for those 100 thousand dollar B2B transactions," Noel added.

In the past, carrier performance and reliability could be verified when using traditional offerings such as Frame Relay, ATM, private line facilities and virtual private networks (VPNs) - all costly to implement and inflexible by today's standards. However, today’s enterprise network of choice is the Internet, yet quality of service (QoS) is difficult to verify, especially when data flows across multiple IP carriers.

Matrix Insight comprises Insight Surveyor and Insight Reporter. Surveyor offers an in-depth audit and provides assessments and recommendations, including, client analysis and path assessment; edge server optimization; recommended ISP selection; and software discovery assessment. Reporter collects network performance metrics on a real-time basis and provides ongoing, 24 x 7, network and performance monitoring, including client connectivity, Web site performance, and ISP performance.