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Ingenico, the largest supplier of payment terminals in the world, has achieved a major breakthrough for its purchasing card systems in France with the recent announcement that the French Government has commissioned a pilot scheme to test the company’s purchasing card product. The pilot is being carried out in conjunction with Crédit Mutuel and MasterCard.

For the pilot scheme, Ingenico will provide purchasing card systems to the General Management of the Army, the Ministry of Interior and the commune of Issy les Moulineaux. The pilot was awarded by the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry.

Ingenico will use its extensive experience of purchasing card solutions within the Ingenico Software and Services Division of the company and will also be responsible to the French Government for the full technical solution and the operation of the system.

The Ingenico solution provides a set of purchasing card tools allowing the user to simplify the purchasing card process. The integration of a purchasing card program in an organisation will result in significant improvements within the management of supplier accounts and in the management of purchases in general.

Experience in other countries has shown that the introduction of a purchasing card within an organisation can result in significant cost savings, improve cash flow and save large amounts of paperwork.

The system provided by Ingenico Software & Services is based on the solutions that the company currently supplies in the UK market. For over six years, Ingenico Software & Services has been a major supplier of purchasing card solutions and is the market leader in the UK in this field. The company has a 90% market share with more than 9,000 suppliers of all sizes equipped with their specialist payment software. The UK based Ingenico central systems process transactions in excess of 8 million Euros each day.

This level of expertise has persuaded the French Administration to start very quickly with their pilot scheme for purchasing card systems as it is based on tried and tested solutions.

Commenting on being awarded the purchasing card pilot scheme by the French Government, Philippe Rousselet, Managing Director of Ingenico Software and Services, said: -

“With our huge experience in the UK of purchasing card systems, we are ideally placed to conduct this pilot scheme for the French Government. I am confident they will find that not only will they save money, but they will also benefit from a far more efficient way of conducting business with suppliers.

“We look forward to working in close co-operation with our colleagues at Crédit Mutuel and MasterCard, in what I am sure will be a successful trial.”

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Created in 1999. Ingenico Software and Services forms a strategic part of the Ingenico Group. With Philippe Rousselet as Managing Director, Ingenico Software and Services specialise in the processing of Electronic Transactions and the security of those transactions.

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