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Mobile Payment Forum - Trintech

San Mateo, Calif./Dublin, Ireland - January 30, 2002 - Trintech (NASDAQ: TTPA; Neuer Markt: TTP), a global provider of secure payment infrastructure solutions, has joined the Mobile Payment Forum, a global, cross-industry group formed to enable secure, user-friendly mobile payment transactions and expand the overall market for mobile (m) commerce. Founded by American Express Company, JCB Co., Ltd., MasterCard International and Visa International, the Mobile Payment Forum aims to standardize the building blocks necessary to deploy global solutions for secure mobile payments.

Focusing on payment card transactions, which are used in almost 93 percent of all e-commerce payments , the Mobile Payment Forum will address key areas such as interoperability passwords, cardholder authentication, and encryption methods. Led by a Board of Directors comprised of leading mobile, technology and financial companies, the Forum will develop requirement documents, white papers, case studies, and technical specifications. The Forum will also drive collaborative work with other industry consortia and standards bodies.

Trintech is a leading provider of technology infrastructure solutions for mobile payments. The company has leveraged its 15 years experience in the payments industry to develop a range of secure mobile infrastructure solutions that combine standards-based security and multiple channel support with innovative features, such as support for micropayments, credit card payments and device-to-device payments. The Trintech mobile payment range includes PayWare mAccess, PayWare eIssuer and PayWare Guardian. Trintech's mobile solution suite meets the payment requirements of consumers, banks, merchants, ISPs/CSP's as well as telcos, wireless operators and other large organizations. Major customers for Trintech's cutting-edge mobile solutions include Motorola and Nextel.

"Without question, the mass availability of mobile devices creates a significant opportunity for wireless payment," said Trevor Healy, EVP of Trintech's ePayments Division. "The enabling technologies are there, but in order for mobile commerce to achieve viral growth there needs to be payment standards. For the first time, the major card organizations have agreed to tackle this together, in conjunction with technology companies such as Trintech, and this is an important step towards secure, device-agnostic mobile commerce."

"We are very pleased to welcome Trintech to the Mobile Payment Forum," said the Forum's co-president, Simon Pugh, Vice President, Standards and Infrastructure, at MasterCard International. "As a global, cross industry organization, the Mobile Payment Forum places great emphasis on the contributions from organizations such as Trintech. These contributions will play a major part in helping us to achieve our goals quickly and efficiently."