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Aurora Software Launches Disaster Recovery Solution for Fixed Income Firms

New York – January 14, 2002 – Aurora Software, a provider of next generation fixed-income trading systems, today announced a new disaster recovery service which will ensure that fixed income dealing firms retain full functionality of trading operations in the event of a crisis.

Based on the same integrated architecture as the WinFITS trading platform, Aurora’s disaster recovery service integrates its clients’ secondary sites with the primary trading operation through flexible trade system access and more efficient and comprehensive database backup.

Aurora’s service enables traders, sales and support staff to arrive at a disaster recovery site (or any other designated site for the trading operations), conduct trades over a scaled down Web-enabled trading solution, and quickly and easily access and update intra-day post-trade data from either fixed local backup centers or redundant centers located throughout the country.

Aurora’s new disaster recovery solution integrates easily with its WinFITS trading platform and can be configured to work with other trading systems. WinFITS is a highly sophisticated suite of fixed-income trading desk solutions for the Governments, Agencies, Secondary Corporates, Options and Mortgage markets.

These systems provide an integrated trading environment that includes multi-user portfolio management, real time pricing, risk management, security analytics and scenario analysis, as well as programmatic connectivity with other ECNs and electronic marketplaces. The WinFITS platform also offers a Web-based service that allows salespeople to view their trader’s offerings and trade with them electronically on their clients’ behalf.

"This represents a major break from existing disaster recovery programs, which emphasize fixed disaster recovery sites and more hardware for backup data centers," said Neil Arora, CEO of Aurora Software. "Moving forward, disaster recovery programs need to focus more on quick and easy access to data and trading tools, and on issues such as mobility and trading room ergonomics."