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Delivering more choice and greater Learning Power to finance professionals

London, UK – Intuition, the world's leading financial e-learning solutions and services provider, today launches Version 6 of its flagship product - Intuition Web.
Version 6 strengthens Intuition Web’s position as the leading training system for financial markets with new tutorials and courses on asset management, securitization, fixed income and equities, plus updated and enhanced content on financial options.

Financial institutions are facing increasing pressures to deliver improved efficiencies across their business activities and at the same time strive for greater market share and profitability. Intuition Web is a global training solution delivering cost effective high quality content that can be easily deployed to a global organisation, meeting generic as well as local training needs, helping to reduce costs and at the same time improve competitiveness through knowledgeable staff.

"Intuition has made a major commitment to delivering the broadest and most sophisticated range of financial learning material that mirrors the core business activities of our clients," said Intuition’s Sales and Marketing Director, Simon Banks. "This latest release further expands the application of our training materials to our clients’ business needs."

Intuition Web uses Intuition’s patented and award winning OCCE learning methodology to ensure users ‘Connect’ with core learning concepts. The focus is on practical performance and profitability issues rather than just the theory. Intuition content is designed to facilitate understanding and retention of knowledge by testing user competencies in real, decision based scenarios.

So what’s new in Version 6?
Version 6 introduces timely new content that reflects latest trends in the financial services industry.

For the first time, Intuition Web features a comprehensive suite of fund management tutorials. With a strong focus on portfolio management performance, these tutorials reflect the powerful and consistent growth in the asset management industry.

Version 6 also recognizes the resurgent fixed income market, introducing the fundamentals of fixed income trading strategy to complete an already extensive fixed income offering.

The principles of securitization – where organizations from bars to pop stars repackage and resell illiquid assets in order to generate cash – are also covered in Version 6.

And, following the dotcom bubble, Version 6 of Intuition Web goes back to the tried and tested methods of equity valuation. It also brings access to expert information and insights on the Hong Kong and Singapore equity markets.

Intuition Web Version 6 brings major usability enhancements at both supervisor and user levels, including a Course Builder function. Version 6 brings financial learning to life with more interactivity, illustrations and graphics, powerful simulations, spreadsheets and interactive formulae.

Intuition Web is found on 500, 000 desktops in over 170 banks and financial service organisations, including Deutsche Bank, Barclays, Lloyds TSB, Reuters and Nomura International. Seven of the top global investment banks, seven of the top ten European Banks and the majority of the UK clearing banks use Intuition’s financial e-learning products and services.