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The leading messaging solution is helping users to migrate effortlessly to S.W.I.F.T.'s next-generation message formats

London, 14 January 2002 – HelioGraph announced today that its Helio Message Broker® enterprise integration middleware package has again achieved SWIFTReady Gold accreditation for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) – the highest level of such accreditation possible - for 2002.

This year's EAI Gold accreditation is the strictest ever, and now includes endorsement of HelioGraph's data field dictionary architecture, which is built on industry standards including ISO 15022. HelioGraph is the first vendor this year to be awarded the SWIFTReady Gold accreditation for the Enterprise Application Integration category.

Using a SWIFTReady Gold accredited product, HelioGraph customers have immediate access to powerful SWIFT-endorsed messaging solutions that can help them to migrate easily and quickly to SWIFT's next-generation ISO 15022 message format standards -- the most important technology move many organisations will make this year.

"We are very pleased to award the SWIFTReady Gold Label for Enterprise Application Integration to 'Message Broker'," says Victor Abbeloos, Partner Solutions Senior Manager, S.W.I.F.T. "We have worked closely with HelioGraph over the last few years and seen the product evolve from a pure Development Kit to the full EAI type product now accredited."

Migration is an urgent priority for many SWIFT users involved in securities messaging. Such financial organisations now have only a few months to migrate completely from traditional SWIFT messaging formats to the next-generation formats based on the international ISO 15022 standard. In November this year, SWIFT will cease to support old ISO7775 message formats for securities settlement and corporate actions.

HelioGraph users can be completely confident that they are ready for the final migration to ISO 15022 this November. Helio Message Broker® processes both old-format SWIFT messages and the new ISO 15022 messages, allowing organisations to migrate smoothly to the new formats.

"The November migration deadline is an urgent major issue for every financial institution, yet many SWIFT users have still not yet addressed this issue sufficiently," warned Gert Raeves, Securities Product Manager at HelioGraph.

"Most of the largest SWIFT users are on track, but there are still far too many organisations, particularly small and medium-sized institutions, that are still unsure how to handle the new message formats," said Raeves.

HelioGraph is also helping smaller organisations seeking a fast but safe migration to the new SWIFT standards. The company is offering the ISO Converter, a scaled-down version of Helio Message Broker®, which converts the most widely used securities messages from ISO7775 into ISO 15022 formats.

"It's especially important for medium-sized and smaller organisations to have a company they can turn to that they know has a SWIFTReady EAI Gold accredited product that can take them to ISO 15022," added Raeves.

"There is a S.W.I.F.T.-recommended, proper way to implement data field dictionaries, and there's a quick and dirty way. S.W.I.F.T. has certified that Helio Message Broker does it the proper way," said Raeves. "S.W.I.F.T. agrees that our implementation is fully compatible with the -recommended 'business elements' approach, meaning that customers can have full confidence in our data field dictionary. This is effectively a quality mark for Helio Message Broker®"

This is the third consecutive year that Helio Message Broker has won the prestigious SWIFTReady EAI Gold accreditation.

"Essentially, we've had EAI Gold accreditation ever since we launched Helio Message Broker. Throughout this time, we've constantly stepped up our efforts to keep pace with the increasingly strict criteria," said Raeves.

Organisations which have recently adopted Helio Message Broker to help them migrate to ISO 15022 include US fund management giant MFS Investment Management and OeKB, the Austrian securities Depository.