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BITA Plus Consultants Releases 'BITA Complete' providing detailed risk and performance attribution reporting for fund managers

New risk and reporting service for fund managers providing detailed quantitative analysis of portfolios without the need to operate complex internal systems.
BITA Complete is the most advanced risk analysis service available in
the market today

14th January 2002 - London - BITA Plus Consultants (BPC), the global provider of risk management and portfolio optimisation software, has today announced the release of BITA Complete, a risk analysis and reporting service that enables fund managers to have access to detailed risk and performance attribution reporting without the need to operate an in-house system.

BITA Complete is targeted at fund managers without quantitative analysis capabilities, as well as those looking for independent analysis to complement their own calculations. Typically BITA Complete will be used as an ongoing monthly service. However, it can also be provided on an ad-hoc basis to undertake a 'one off' risk and return analysis of portfolios.

BPC and the client work together to identify and prepare risk models and benchmarks against which they can have their portfolios analysed. Analysis is provided at portfolio, market, sector and asset level,allowing for a complete understanding of the sources of risk, and enabling portfolio exposures to be examined and controlled. Customisation of the service is available for more advanced users. For example, refining a sector classification could allow a more accurate analysis of a portfolio's sector risk profile.

BITA Complete requires no implementation and training to use. The fund manager sends portfolio data (for example on a monthly basis) to BPC electronically where it is processed within the BITA Plus system. BPC produces a series of detailed reports over different analytical periods for the fund manager. The format and contents of these reports is flexible and is agreed between BPC and the client at the outset. The BITA Complete service can be initiated rapidly and once in place will produce and transmit reports within 24 hours of receiving the portfolio data.

Simon Tizard, Commercial Director of BPC comments, "BITA Complete gives fund managers another tool to help analyse their portfolios' performance. And because BITA Complete is a centrally provided service the fund manager has no complex implementation, IT infrastructure or data acquisition issues to worry about."

He continues, "BITA Complete forms part of our ongoing commitment to provide the solutions that are required by investment teams. BPC continues to develop products and services to give fund managers the tools they need to analyse portfolios, manage risk and refine investment strategies on behalf of their clients."