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First Portal for IBM's AS/400 Server - Enfish Enterprise

Enfish Enterprise First Portal Configured for IBM's AS/400 Server Customers Can Integrate Enterprise Components With Desktop

Pasadena, Calif. - Enfish Enterprise, the flagship product of leading integration information systems provider Enfish Corporation, is the first
portal product configured to run on IBM's AS/400 Application Servers. AS/400 customers can now use Enfish Enterprise to integrate enterprise business components with the desktop.

The usability of the AS/400 server is extended with Enfish Enteprise because data and files stored on the system are indexed, cross-referenced, and displayed in context with information stored on an individual computer. The AS/400 has more than 650,000 servers shipped to companies ranging from small and medium businesses to the enterprise market.

Using a WebSphere Application Server as the framework, Enfish customized the standard enterprise portal code for the AS/400 by using an XML parser and Java messaging service. The custom work was tested at the IBM Development Center in San Mateo, Calif.

With Enfish Enterprise, Java-based web serving applications with authorized
users in dispersed locations are given 24-hour access. The web server takes requests from the Internet and coordinates backend access to an AS/400 DB2 database as well as other subsystems, such as the Domino mail server.

"Companies typically begin with a knowledge management Intranet application, involving the harvesting of information both at the enterprise level and at individual workstations throughout the company," said Louise Wannier, CEO of Enfish Corporation. "Currently, typical CRM and ERP systems hold only about 20 percent of an enterprise's available information with the balance living on people's desktops as files, e-mails, spreadsheets, and documents. For AS/400 users, Enfish Enterprise captures, reads and puts all of these data sources in context, making each item actionable while unlocking the vast amounts of information contained within the enterprise business."

Enfish Enterprise provides users meaningful and efficient access to information that is personally relevant to the work they are doing, integrating with the everyday desktop so no change in behavior is required to learn how to navigate the enterprise portal. In addition, Enfish Enterprise creates a unique, personalized live-in workspace with rich contextual views that automatically group related personal and enterprise information according to what is important to each user.

"Enfish's enterprise products encourage individualized business intelligence by putting the information most important to making crucial decisions in context," said Robert Lerner, data warehousing and business intelligence analyst with Current Analysis. "The ability to automatically see important related information on any project or task in one working environment adds speed, efficiency and additional knowledge to the tasks and business decisions made everyday."

Enfish Enterprise keeps users' desktops, enterprise content and Web content
organized so that users don't have to waste time finding and retrieving
valuable information - making them more productive. More importantly,
enterprise data is secure. Enfish Enterprise enables critical business
information to be supplied only to those who have access and can easily be
defined for various levels within the organization.