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Currenex’s FXintegrate program provides members a suite of open, standards-based integration solutions to support the complete FX trading lifecycle and workflow process. Currenex and XRT are able to offer XRT-specific integration capability to significantly increase speed, efficiency, and streamline foreign exchange dealing for joint customers by automating trade record updates and eliminating the need to re-key data. The integration is based upon the interface developed by the Treasury Workstation Integration Standards Team (TWIST). TWIST, a working group of 17 companies including Currenex and XRT, is focused on creating standards to facilitate an efficient, controlled and open-dealing marketplace for foreign exchange (FX) and other cash market instruments.

XRT’s Collaborative Treasury Management solutions span the company's entire financial value chain, thus optimizing all Internet interactions between the extended enterprise and its environment: customers, suppliers, distributors and manufacturers, banking institutions, marketplaces and other e-services. Its powerful collaborative functionality – including payment digital signature over the Internet, remote data entry over the intranet, integration with external information sources, access to financial market data, ERP systems and other interfacing tools – offer XRT’s Collaborative Treasury Management solutions users a greater responsiveness with the benefit of accurate, up-to-date information.

Currenex provides an independent global currency exchange open to institutional buyers and sellers worldwide. Currenex’s Internet-based service, FXtrades, is a real-time foreign exchange platform that provides a total trading solution for initiation, execution, settlement and post-trade processes such as rolls and amendments. Currenex delivers efficiency, reliability and control in FX processing and has hundreds of actively trading members around the globe.

"Currenex delivers efficiency and control in electronic FX dealing" said Jim Kleckner, Currenex CTO.

"We are pleased to partner with leading treasury system vendors, such as XRT, to offer our members standards-based STP solutions that streamline the complete FX trading lifecycle."

"XRT users will see enormous operational efficiencies generated by the rapid connection between our platforms. Our open and flexible Internet-based platform enables integrated straight-through processing -- from the moment of deal execution at the treasury workstation to settlement and reporting," said Christian Tessier, Executive Vice President, Strategic Marketing at XRT.

"In integrating the XRT Collaborative Treasury Management Solutions with Currenex’s services, our customers gain critical time in their currency trading, but, most importantly, operational risk in re-keying transactions is practically eliminated,” added Tessier. “Our cooperation with Currenex is another step in implementing our vision of how c-commerce impacts extended enterprises’ financial value chains."

The agreement between Currenex and XRT also involves co-sales and co-marketing initiatives.


XRT (Euronext Paris, Euroclear 5458), the secure financial flow architect provides financial executives and treasurers with truly global solutions for controlling financial risks and optimizing cash flows.

Financial executives are nowadays faced with the development of "collaborative commerce", a new form of exchange based on electronic transactions. In this new context, reliability and high security are of the essence. To meet the need for complete security, XRT offers Internet applications servers allowing global solutions.

XRT "Collaborative Treasury Management" solution offers a comprehensive financial architecture. It ensures the complete protection of ERP and financial control applications, while complying with the FAS 133/IAS 39 standard and the international banking environment.

XRT has formed strategic alliances with key players such as Citrix, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, Pervasive Software, Sybase... with world-renowned software editors such as JD Edwards, Lawson Software, Navision Damgaard, Peoplesoft, SAP... and with banking partners such as BNP-Paribas, Chase, Commerzbank, Crédit Agricole-Indosuez, Caixa Geral de depositos, Fortis, HSBC-CCF, Natexis-Banques Populaires... XRT is a member of TWIST, the Treasury Workstation Integration Standards Team. These partnerships, combined with XRT international presence in 55 countries and its high level of expertise, has enabled the company to help over 10 000 clients.

XRT was founded in 1983 as CERG Finance. The Company generated EUR 41.6 million in revenue in 2000 with a staff of 400 people. For more information:

Currenex, Inc.

Founded in 1999, Currenex provides a true independent global currency exchange open to institutional buyers and sellers worldwide. Currenex has more than 50 multinational customers including MasterCard International, Royal Dutch/Shell Group and Intel Corporation, as well as 45 global, market-making banks including ABN Amro, Barclays Capital, Merrill Lynch and Standard Chartered. Currenex is a founding member of TWIST, the Treasury Workstation Integration Standards Team. TWIST drives initiatives to ensure interoperability and standards between corporate treasury operations and their banks. Currenex has offices in California, Chicago, New York, London and Singapore.


TWIST, initiated by Royal Dutch/Shell Group’s treasury operations department, is a group of 17 global companies, including Currenex and XRT that are working to facilitate an open dealing marketplace for foreign exchange (FX). Using the FpML language as a starting point, TWIST is setting standards for corporate treasury operations, treasury workstation vendors and online marketplaces. For more information, please visit the website at